5 Content Marketing Tips to Get Traffic Conversions

5 content marketing tips to get traffic conversions

With a new website springing up every other day, the market has an exhausting amount of content to offer. One can find volumes of content on typing a single word. It is Search Engine Optimization that really decides what goes where.

Almost every other business goes for digital means to market themselves. In an era where everyone is hooked to their phones, capitalizing on digital marketing is a wise move. Generating traffic might seem a piece of cake for one (money can buy everything except wait for it…), but generating leads can be an ordeal.

A website does not need to become a content dumping machine just for the sake of marketing. It just needs to do enough to engage with the right audience.

Here are our top five picks that one ought to try:

Get rid of the old-school marketing harangues

Doesn’t those typical marketing pitches following a very predictable tone of writing annoy the heck out of one? Well, that’s the first thing that needs some sprucing up. Come up with innovative ways to get the message across instead of giving in to call-to-action pitches. It is what sets a compelling pitch apart from the crowd of the redundant ones.  The customers are already exposed to a plethora of other pitches, do something to stand out (not too outrageous, of course).

Always quality over quantity

According to Healthy Links and VM Interactive a UK based Digital Marketing firm, a website should have 2 things, i.e., quality content and quality content (read that again). As much as one feels the urge to dump the maximum amount of content on a site, this isn’t what helps. To target the right audience, get the content aligned to their interests. The content ought to be relevant. Adopt a very engaging tone. As a visitor, I would be more inclined towards the more original site. Instead of boasting about 99% results and whatnot, make believable statements. The more credible the content seems, the higher the chances of the visitors to turn into customers.

And when it comes to the content, diversity is also essential. Instead of focusing only on one type of content, play with other types as well. For instance, infographics appeal more to people than reading a lengthy blog post. Try getting the right mix of the visual and text content.

Capitalize on Social Media’s massive outreach

It won’t be wrong to say that social media has become one of the most impacting mediums of our age. Whether it is the news or a shoe brand we are talking about, everything has its presence of social media. Utilize these platforms to reach a much wider audience. Not only is it essential to make use of the platforms but choosing just the right one has its own value. For instance, a product that is aimed at targeting the audience that has retired has no use on Twitter. The user base for Twitter does not account much for the elderly.

Facebook, compared to other social platforms, has a much wider age bracket. So, be very wise in deciding where to spend more time and resources.

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Do not forget the showstopper; Search Engine Optimization

SEO specialists at Healthy Links and VM Interactive are some of the most sought after professionals in the digital age we live in. After all, it is they who can make the content hit the ones who are actually looking for it. Search Engine Optimization entails making the content appear in the right keyword searches. This automatically enhances the chances of showing the content to potential customers.

Note that stuffing content with keywords is also not advised. Google rates keyword stuffed content as low-quality content so do not overdo it.

Content audits for monitoring

One of the best ways to produce the right content is by understanding the audience. This entails knowing where the traffic is coming from as well as identifying the broken links etc. on the site. A content audit gives a substantial analysis of the traffic as well as its conversion into leads. Only after knowing about it can one prepare a promising strategy. Install plugins for statistics if necessary. There is a myriad of resources available for the content audit. Schedule weekly or monthly reviews and revisit the plan if needed.

While no strategy can guarantee traffic conversions, those mentioned above have the potential to do so. For a successful marketing campaign, lead generation is the one and only indicator. A well-researched and thought-out strategy can provide one an edge over its competitors. Focus on the content and routine evaluations, and you’re good.  

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