5 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference in Your Relationship


Often, a romantic relationship is challenging to maintain. In the long run, problems and conflicts come in the way. Usually, a relationship between two people begins to a downward spiral due to major issues like lack of trust, loss of intimacy, infidelity, or emotional incompatibility. 

But, it is not uncommon for partners to physically and emotionally distance themselves from each other due to petty issues that could be easily resolved. In this post, I have mentioned a few easy-to-implement ways to give your dysfunctional relationship a new lease of life. 

Here’s What You Should Do to Commence Your Dysfunctional Relationship 

1) Get to Know Each Other Well

Every relationship has a honeymoon period where everything seems perfect. However, as things move forward, a phase comes when you have to come in terms with your partner. Instead of hoping or wishing for the fairytale phase to go on forever, it is beneficial to do what other responsible couples do— get to know each other even better. 

2) Try to Find a Middle Ground

In the early stages of a romantic relationship, it is easy to let the other person win arguments. It is common for couples to let the other person have their own way as both partners are happy to be with each other in the short term. But as things move ahead, both partners feel like they are bending to another person’s will— at the expense of the relationship. This is the time when you learn to compromise.  

3) Show Gratitude

Showing gratitude to your partner involves you telling your partner how much you love them, sending them postcards/gifts/presents, or giving them the space they need. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to appreciate your partner publicly on social media.

4) Get More Intimate With Your Partner

The dictionary definition of intimacy is “to have a close familiarity or friendship with another human being.” Did you know that not everyone is capable of (or comfortable with) being intimate with someone other than their family member? 

When researching human behavior, Erik Erikson, a prominent ego psychologist, concluded that individuals between ages 19 to 40 undergo a phase called Intimacy vs. Isolation Stage

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This the stage when men and women feel compelled to have intimate relationships with people other than their family. Unfortunately, some of them resort to isolation instead of intimacy. If this sounds like you, I suggest reading up on this subject.

5) Listen to Your Partner

Lastly, reviving a dysfunctional relationship doesn’t have to be hard work. Sometimes a passive activity such as listening to your partner speak can do the job for you. It is common for partners to have things bottled up. The best way to help your partner offload their feeling is by going for a walk together or a nice dinner. Basically, someplace where you don’t have any distractions.


What’s great about these little changes is you can now directly see how your actions have influenced the other person. The idea is to help your partner become comfortable with you so you can resolve the issues politely and warmly.

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