5 Questions To Ask When Buying CBD


CBD is one of the newest novelties for healthy living, stress management and trending treatments.

It’s popping up everywhere, you can Shop CBD products online, and with more retailers means more of a consumer responsibility to make sure the CBD you’re buying is up to par. Not all CBD is grown in the same environment, so asking these simple questions will ensure you’re getting the best product.

How is it extracted?

The best organic CBD oil for pets is pulled out through safe solvents, like alcohol and CO2. These ensure the final product isn’t contaminated with chemicals. Avoid CBD that’s extracted with propane, hexane, butane or pentane. You may be getting more than you signed up for if those chemicals are involved. 

Is the soil regularly tested where it’s grown?

Hemp, the plant CBD is extracted from, rapidly absorbs whatever it’s grown in. This can be good if the soil is chock full of healthy nutrients, but if harmful chemicals and toxins are present, they’re also going to seep into the CBD. The safest hemp plants are grown in soil that’s constantly tested for toxins. 

Is it too good to be true?

When you buy CBD-infused products, make sure you take into account the price. CBD isn’t cheap to grow and produce, so expect to pay a pretty penny for an authentic and reliable product. Low prices can mean there really isn’t any CBD in the product, or the CBD is contaminated with harmful toxins. You don’t have to buy the most expensive product, but do your research and read reviews on how the product worked for others. 

What does the product label say?

When you’re looking at a product label, make sure the company tells you how much CBD is in it. The more transparent the label is about its content, the more you can trust you’re not getting ripped off. Potent CBD products will have 250-1000mg per 30ml (Here’s a conversion chart if math isn’t your forte). If it has less then 250mg, then you’re most likely wasting your money. 

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Is there any THC in the product?

While CBD oil is not “high” inducing, THC is. When looking at products, there should be no more than 0.03% of THC in it. Sub-standard oils can be processed in a way that creates a high-like feeling that shouldn’t accompany a CBD-infused item. If the percent is higher than 0.03, the product is a much lower quality and could even be illegal depending on where you live. 

When looking to try something new, there’s a lot that goes into making sure you know what you’re getting into. Asking yourself these simple questions will lead to finding a high quality CBD product that’s effective and safe.

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