5 Questions You Must Answer Before Shooting an Order for Area Rugs


Every home needs rugs in the current age. If we peep into the past, we come to know that not a single house was devoid of rugs and carpets. So no modern decor can complete without colorful area rugs. A simple solution to decorate every section of our house is the floral area rugs. Placing a carpet is not sufficient until we observe the surrounding themes, background and the available space for the chosen mat. Carpeting that blends well with the inner scheme would add to the comfort and fascination of the spot. We can say that the choice of a perfect rug and its establishment in the required place is an art. Every section of the home has different dimensions and from every part of the home, we fulfill different purposes. So we need to keep every aspect (dimension and functionality) of the spot in view while searching for fantastic area rugs for our interior. 

Contemporary home decoration has revealed that rugs are compulsory for every abode. But it doesn’t mean that we make real choices every time we think to shoot an order. However, it’s not a difficult job nor a nuisance. If we want splendid area rugs fixed in our interior, we can collect all the specifications to make a superior and thoughtful choice. We have penned down five questions that you must answer before placing your order for the beautiful rugs and carpets, for the complete guideline of you guys.

Why Do You Need a Rug?

Rugs are an expensive buying. We should not buy impressive mats for our residence just because of the sale. Before hitting an order, we are to confirm whether we really need a rug. If you have already adorned every section of your home with sizable rugs, you need not even search for that. If you want to buy a carpet to cover the floor, you cannot make a smart choice. Without having a definite purpose of purchasing a carpet for your room, you will just drain your pockets and create a mess in the interior environment. If you wish to attain a comfortable environment and create an excellent modern impression on the visitors, you are sure to get an artistic piece for your home.

Have You Made a Worth Selection?

After ensuring the dire need for a room-size rug, you are to make a decent selection. The worthy selection here means a quality rug and refined piece. Focus not on the price for a while, but on the appearance, texture and style of the carpet. The number of knots and the kind of fabric say the quality of the chosen item. Look at the minor details, see the borders and margins, and all from up and down. Go through every detail of the rug, ask questions if the need be to have a good grip over the art piece, then hit an order.

What Material Can Suit Your Interior?

Another most important question that you must know the answer; is what material would suit your home’s particular spot. Satisfactory knowledge of the material is necessary to know how to use and keep the rug inside. After knowing the material, we can choose the proper place for the rug. The material decides what traffic our rug can tolerate and the same aspect tells us what traffic every room can have. For example, living rooms have high foot traffic, so should be the manufacturing material of the living room rugs. Similarly, bedrooms have low traffic as a specific person would go there, not the whole family.

The worldwide artisans are manufacturing rugs using a wide variety of materials. However, we specify all those materials into two fundamental categories: natural and synthetic fibers. The more in-depth details of the rug’s material let us know that wool rugs are durable and long-lasting. High durability allows them to tolerate high foot traffic so wool rugs are a best option for the living room. We must not place wool rugs in the outdoor region because under scorching sunlight, their colors fade away. Wool is a natural fiber like jute sisal, silk, cotton and hemp etc. Synthetic fibers include propylene, polyester, nylon and viscose etc. The materials like cotton, wool, nylon, and polyester prepare the most durable rugs suitable for high traffic. Similarly, area rugs made of silk, sisal, or jute can bear low traffic.

Where to Place the Rug?

Another most significant question you must know about; is where you intend to spread a particular rug. In the above briefing, you have got familiar with the manufacturing fiber and hence the area rugs’ longevity. Similarly, the place also demands to look for other details like dyes, hues, texture, layout and size of the rug. All the rooms have various furniture settings and we have to choose the rug for every room accordingly. We cannot choose the same shapes for all the spots, and we must not when thousands of rugs shapes are available in the market. 

Better, select a unique shape and size of area rugs for every room setting. Modern decorators prefer large area rugs for the capacious look of the interior. But, see if your room has sufficient space for the large piece.

Other than size, keep some more features under consideration. Such as an area rug constructed with nylon fiber would be suitable for the place prone to stains and spills- the kitchen. Similarly, silk rugs would be a fine option for dining. The area rugs made of silk are soft and smooth but can tolerate low traffic areas, so the dining room is best for spreading silk rugs.

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In the outdoor region, we need to place the weather resistant rugs because their hues and dyes don’t fade away in the sun. The rugs built with sea- grass and propylene fiber are suitable for the exterior. The design and layout is yet another feature that we are to keep in mind before buying rugs online. Once again, look at all the particulars of every spot, select marvelous designs and shades of the rugs that can blend nicely with the inner scheme.

What Type of Rugs Are You Going for?

Very little is left to know about the rugs’ features. It is another crucial aspect that we must know about: what type of rugs we should choose for the interior carpeting? Yes, we are talking about the mode of construction. Carpets are manufactured manually as well as by machines. Handmade rugs take more amounts of time in their accomplishment than machine-made rugs. So manually constructed rugs are more costly than machine-made mats. 

Artisans exert their full potential and experience to produce high-quality manual rugs, while in machine-made rugs all knots and dyeing are done through tools. You can buy either of the carpets. The choice is yours! Before shooting your final order, we recommend going through some of the reviews left by consumers. The reviews are useful to shape our opinions about buying a particular product.

Best Option:

Hope you have got an idea about making an accurate choice of rugs for interior redesigning. Also, you got to know plenty of rug types for the various portions of your home. Despite all the above details, if you want to know peculiar information about rugs, we recommend RugKnots is the best option. This platform will provide you with the deeper information to receive the best quality carpets at a minimum price!

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