5 Tips to Manage Stress


We are living in stressful times. 2021 may deliver a return to normalcy but nothing is guaranteed. Managing stress can be a difficult task. There is no one-stop-answer to a stress-free lifestyle. Taking SSRIs or other prescription drugs can be dangerous and addictive. A natural approach may be attainable, but the remedy isn’t easy. We suggest trying these 5 tips to manage stress including exercise, a healthy diet, organizing tasks, meditation, and sublingual CBD oil.

#1 Cardio Outdoors

Our first tip is a two for one. Getting some fresh air and a good workout.

Running for an extended period will deliver a ‘runner’s high.’ This is a release of dopamine by receptors in the brain. Cardio is also beneficial because you will burn calories.

If you are stressed and not exercising, this is where you need to start. Running or walking daily will reduce your stress levels and keep you in shape.

#2 Diet

Eating more vegetables and cutting down on sugar bread could help manage your stress levels. People with healthy diets are less likely to experience stress.

According to Louis Bonduelle Foundation, “moderate consumption of 3 to 4 portions of vegetables daily is associated with 12% less psychological stress than that associated with the consumption of 0 to 1 portion.”

Adding CBD edibles to your diet can also help manage stress. Be cautious that many edibles contain unhealthy amounts of sugar.

#3 Make a List Organizing Tasks

Accomplishing tasks feels good. Taking the time to think about what you need to do and writing it down, will lead to an increase in productivity. When you are extremely busy, it can seem overwhelming and impossible to get everything you need to be done. Just writing down what needs to be done can relieve stress.

#4 Meditation

There are levels to meditation. People have spent a lifetime mastering doing absolutely nothing. This takes an incredible amount of dedication. That doesn’t mean that taking 20 minutes out of your day to only focus on breathing can reduce stress levels.

#5 Take CBD Oil for Relaxation

CBD for stress management does have scientific evidence to suggest it could be a viable option. We have much to learn but the early research is encouraging. CBD stress relief can be used in addition to one or more of our other tips.

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We suggest taking CBD oil sublingually. Relative to other methods, sublingual CBD oil is the safest, most efficient administration method. Taking CBD pills means that you are sending the CBD to the digestive system. This results in longer release times.

Allowing CBD to absorb under the tongue gets CBD to the bloodstream faster. Our mouths have mucosal glands under the tongue and along the sides of our mouths. These are direct pathways to the bloodstream. Once CBD is administered to our blood, it can be distributed to the brain and other parts of the body with endocannabinoid receptors.

No method is perfect; you will lose some in the process. If you are trying CBD for the first time, start with a low dose and work your way up.

CBD Stress Relief

We suggest trying CBD to relieve stress along with at least one of these other tips. Managing stress is not an easy task, it will likely take a lifestyle change.

If you are experiencing increased levels of stress, try eating better, running, meditation, organizing your daily tasks, and taking CBD. None of these tips require a huge investment of money or time. A less stressful life is attainable. Trying these 5 tips could help you manage stress levels in these uncertain times.

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