5 Undeniable Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn


It’s not likely that your lawn turns into an arid wasteland or completely shrivels and dies if you skip the aeration process. However, the benefits of aerating a lawn make it a worthwhile thing to do!

What is aeration, and how does it improve the health of your yard? It’s more than poking holes in the turf. It has a purpose that your turf will love! 

Keep reading to learn five undeniable benefits of aerating lawn turf. 

What is Aeration?

If you’ve ever seen a neighbor or lawn company removing small plugs of soil and thatch from a yard, you’ve witnessed the aerating process. After putting these small holes throughout the turf, your yard can more easily benefit from the naturally occurring air exchange process between the soil and the air above. 

It might seem like an odd thing to do to your yard, but check out these benefits!

  1. A Breath of Fresh Air

Compacted soil won’t allow oxygen to reach grass or tree roots. When air can’t circulate, your yard experiences patches, dead spots, and thinning. 

With aeration, your yard won’t suffer from suffocation. Hire a lawn aerator like Sergio’s Lawn Services to improve the air exchange between your soil and the free space above it! 

  1. Minimize Thatch Build-Up

Thatch is a term for dead grass and debris that builds up on top of your lawn. It can also suffocate your yard and keep critical nutrients from penetrating the soil and reaching roots. The aeration process removes excess thatch and helps your lawn breathe more freely.

  1. Prepare Your Lawn for Changing Seasons

Are you wondering when to aerate lawn areas for the best benefits? Aerating before the first frost in the late fall helps fertilizer reach the roots and provide more nutrients to your grass throughout the dormant winter months. With the right timing, your turf revives better than ever in the spring!

  1. Modify pH

The pH of your soil affects how well your lawn grows. When you remove turf plugs so fertilizers, lime, and or sulfur applications can penetrate deeper into the earth, the aeration process helps modify and balance your yard’s pH. 

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Balanced pH helps promote healthier turf growth.

  1. Minimize Runoff

A yard that drains well helps minimize runoff and puddling during heavy rain events. Aerating helps improve how well your lawn drains by creating more room for water to absorb into the soil—rather than sitting on top of compacted soil. 

With proper drainage and better access to nutrients, your lawn becomes healthier and more vibrant during the active seasons!

Don’t Skip the Benefits of Aerating Lawn Turf!

Even if you don’t want to tackle the task on your own, don’t skip the benefits of aerating lawn turf. The right professional lawn care service can make this essential task part of your annual or bi-annual service. You’ll appreciate the beauty of your yard when you apply this type of maintenance at the right times. 

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