5 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning is Needed Now More Than ever

carpet cleaning

Carpets are one of the most popular flooring choices. The U.S carpets and rugs market is estimated to be worth $9.1 billion. However, a carpet requires regular maintenance to keep it clean. So, when was the last time you cleaned your carpet?

While daily vacuuming is commendable, it is not enough. Real cleaning involves taking the rug and scrubbing using soapy water. Here are five reasons why you need to step your carpet cleaning game.

1. The Kids are Home

The ongoing pandemic has brought the world to a grinding halt. As a precaution, schools have been shut down to prevent further spread. Having kids at home has its challenges. Nothing bears the brunt than the carpet. Pieces of food, dust and spilled liquids all end up on the rug.

Vacuuming alone will not cut it. If left unchecked, a dirty carpet may endanger the health of your children. To avoid this, you will need to clean your carpet more often. You can take on this challenge or consider a rug cleaning service.

2. Improve Appearance and Comfort

Carpets are a favorite for bedrooms and living rooms. They are soft, warm, and add some color to your living spaces. Having a rug also absorbs sound and reduces the risk of injury because of slipping. But, all these benefits go away when the carpet gets too dirty.

As dust, stains and dirt pile up, the fibers become matted. It makes the carpet look old and worn out. It also makes the rug rough and hard. Fortunately, having them cleaned can breathe a new life into your floors. You will need the right cleaning products and equipment to succeed.

3. Prevent the Spread of Bacteria

Stains and dust are easy to see, but there are far more dangerous things lurking in your carpet. They are a breeding ground for microorganisms such as bacteria. These microscopic creatures are usually dragged into the house by pets or children. The following are some harmful bacteria strains found in carpets.

  • Salmonella – Found in feces and contaminated food. Most likely brought in when you stepped on something. It can also be from your pet’s droppings. Salmonella can cause diarrhea.
  • E. coli – Mostly comes from raw food products. Symptoms of E.coli infections include abdominal pains, fever and bloody diarrhea.
  • Campylobacter – These bacteria love moist environments. It is found in damp carpets. It causes dysentery syndrome.

4. Improve Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), most indoors can have up to five times more pollutants than outdoors. Poor indoor air quality can have adverse health effects. Dirty carpets contain food crumbs, dust, spills, and pet stains. Over time, this mixture can begin to produce very unpleasant odors. The foul smells can make the room stuffy and uncomfortable.

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In addition to the dust, carpets also trap allergens and other contaminants. These harmful substances are released into the air whenever there is foot traffic. A combination of dirt, odors, and allergens compromises the indoor air quality. Regularly cleaning your carpet reduces the number of contaminants. As a result, the air quality of your home improves.

5. Extend Life of Carpet

A good carpet is a worthwhile investment. Considering that quality carpets don’t come cheap, it makes sense to maintain it. Accumulation of dirt, dust and stains can often cause irreversible damage to your carpet. It is more common in rugs that are made of cotton or wool. After a while, the carpet will start to elongate due to the absorption of moisture. The elongation puts a strain on the fabrics of the rug and weakens it.

Dirt also clogs the surface of the carpet, making it hard. The hardened dirt can cause the rug to tear and accelerate the aging process. If the carpet is left for too long, you may force you to resort to scrubbing with a hard brush. This only leads to more damage. Professional carpet cleaning services use methods that inflict minimum damage to your carpet. For example, hot water extraction or steaming removes deep-lying debris leaving the carpet clean and sanitized.

Bottom Line

Regularly cleaning your carpet has several benefits. It improves your home appearance, lengthens the carpet’s life, and keeps a healthy environment. If you wait too long, the damage maybe is irreversible. The best solution to this problem is to get help from a carpet cleaning experts. Do a little research before you settle on a cleaning service provider. An experienced cleaning company will have skilled staff and all the cleaning products and equipment needed. Get your carpets cleaned today.

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