How To Clean Carpets


Cleaning carpets nowadays is more important than ever. The health of the people inside the home can be at risk if the carpets become a hotbed of germs and other harmful microorganisms. Most of the carpets can have stains and become drab, which also does not contribute to the aesthetics of the rooms.

There are two ways that you can do to wash your floor covers. One is to get a professional cleaning company to do it, and the other is the DIY route. Check Absorbents Online. It’s okay if you want to take your covers to the cleaners once every month, but if you’re going to maintain its polished look, there are lots of tools that you can use without the need to leave your home.

Ways to Clean Your Floor Covers the DIY Way

  1. Vacuum Them

What you can do is to scour the mess by setting aside books, toys, papers, and other objects that can obstruct the vacuum’s passage. Pick up small items and check the areas carefully under the pieces of furniture.

You can also dust the kitchen cupboards, walls, windows, and blinds first so that the specks of dust from them can be included in the vacuum. You can get a commercial carpet cleaner that is exclusively made to take care of any spills. They can be significant and sturdy, so you will reduce the chance of you tripping over them while doing your chores.

When you are in the process of vacuuming, attach the nozzles so that you can reach the corners, edges, and baseboards. The extensions and the areas under the couches are notorious for being dust bunnies. You can try vacuuming similar to the process of handling a lawnmower.

You can start vertically on the carpet going from left to right. This way, you will be assured that the fibers are adequately reached. You also need to remove visible pet hair while you are at it.

Another thing that you can do is to have regular vacuuming sessions. The term regular can have different meanings. For many people with pets, once a week can be ideal. If you see that a portion of the carpet is soiled and or got dirt from your dog earlier in the day.

  1. Clean the Spot Areas Only

Spot clean is common if you just want to wash certain portions of your cover. You can use a clean white cloth for this job since dyed rags can transfer dye color to the carpet. The paper towels may also be inadequate for this job since they do not have the patterns needed.

What you can do is to blot the fresh stains first. You need to use a new white cloth to remove the blotting stain afterward. Never try to use bristles or brushes since these can harden the fibers, which can result in them getting frayed. The process is not major, and it’s generally done only during accidents such as spills.

  1. Get the Right Chemical Agents

Part of the washing process is disinfecting. This is why you need to choose a detergent and spray bottle that removes bacteria from your floor covers. You can start by reading the labels and make sure that they are exclusively made for carpets. While it can be tempting to use the “all-purpose” detergent solutions you have stored in the cupboard, it can cause more harm than good when it’s not compatible with your carpet. It might erode the color or cause damage in the long run.

See Also

If you need to wash the stains caused by bodily fluids and wounds such as blood, you need hydrogen peroxide and cold water for this process. More about stain removals here: You need to blot the stain first with hydrogen peroxide then follow it up with a detergent that is based on enzymes.

chemical agentFor urine caused by your cat, you can get a cleanser that is specifically made for these types of issues. You can start blotting the area with a solution of ammonia and follow the process up with warm water and detergent. The stains can also be lifted with a mixture of 1/3 part vinegar to 1 cup of water. When using vinegar, make sure to follow this up with a detergent and a splash of water so that it will not smell.

It’s best to purchase a small detergent that you are planning to use first and try it out on an inconspicuous part of the carpet. This way, if the detergent is not the compatible part, the place where the damage is located will be discreet. An excellent place to start is with an area of the cover that is under a closet so that the results will be less visible.

It is essential not to try any new detergent to the stain itself. The first few drops are sort of color tests. If your carpet dye comes off, then it will be a good match for your floor covers, and you need to try different ones.

Try to dab the area where the stains are. Applying a small part of a washcloth will work as it will be gentler. You just need enough products for the stains. Never press or rub hard so that you won’t damage the fibers. You can also get more information on many legitimate sites for other cleaning hacks that will work for your specific carpets, so be sure to check them out.

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