5 Reasons Why Your Chosen Resort in the Maldives Was Simply Perfect

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You are back in your apartment feeling as happy as you have ever felt in your entire life, happily returned home from a holiday that will change your life, hopefully forever. Meeting who turned out to be your dream woman a year ago has seen your attitude change, as your standards have improved along with your mindset.

You just knew that she was the one as the relationship gradually built from initially being social friends, then past the wild lust and onto being loving partners. You couldn’t hold it back any longer, so you headed to Niyama Private Islands, a luxury 5 star resort in the Maldives, where your proposal of marriage was accepted. It was an amazing holiday without you popping the question, but it turned out to be the perfect resort for 5 reasons.

  1. What a place to wake up in your deluxe water villa, out on a lagoon next to the sounds of the waves of the stunning ocean. Your private pool was wonderful to use at all times of the day, but especially as the sun began to set, and when you fancied it, there was always the sea.
  2. That soaking tub and the king bed was just perfect for the pair of you who enjoy your private time together and for you to display your romantic streak. A lovely touch was what is known locally as a Thakuru service, which is basically a butler that you want for nothing. That went down well with your highly impressed woman. You found time to sit back and learn about casino etiquette, just in case you fancied a gamble on your return home.

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  1. You enjoyed romantic views when out for a ride on the bicycles that were provided after enjoying breakfast in your villa. On your return, a plunge into the Jacuzzi was most welcome, as was the popcorn machine so that you could regain some energy.
  2. Seeing nature at close quarters on a snorkeling safari blew your mind as the large sea turtles got close to you. It was something that you would never forget, along with seeing some of the experts surfing, which might have been something you had a go at but for other things occupying your mind. You eventually got around to asking your woman if she’d become your wife on the beach after watching local entertainment, something you read about a little later.
  3. As for food and drink, well, you could not have been better provided for. There were so many different menus and cuisines to choose from that it was nigh on impossible to try them all. The incredible underwater restaurant with glass walls allowing you to enjoy marine life while you dined, along with the special venue half a kilometer out to sea that you had to access by boat, were two favorite places.

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What an incredible resort it was, offering the utmost in luxury, with everything you could dream of, there for you to enjoy.

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