5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco

5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco

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5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco Because Our kids have seen enough, it is time to take action and protect kids our children from being exposed to tobacco products in stores

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Due to the fact that smoking is still commercialized our kids are seeing it portrayed as cool on television, in the movies and even at our local supermarkets/gas stations.  Everywhere you turn are commercials and ads talking about the dangers of using tobacco but in the same turn, it is glamorized by some of the celebrities in movies that our kids look up to.

Did you realize that the average age of a new smoker in New York state is 13 years old?  During the early teen years, kids are more apt to try something new.  This can be to fit in with their peers or possibly the pressure of being a part of a group. If that isn’t shocking enough the use of e-cigarettes grew 160% among high school students.  This could be due to thinking it is safer, or a better alternative.

5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco

5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco

  1.  Instead of doing the scare type tactics explain to them why starting smoking does not benefit their health. You can do this by saying although you can’t see your lungs on the outside you will feel the effects of what it does to your lungs.  They will notice that running, hiking or even walking a distance is harder or more strenuous after they start to smoke.
  2. Smoking will not only discolor their teeth but in time their teeth will be more susceptible to breaking or possibly sore gums. This is more of a long term effect after years of smoking, but once a person starts it is very hard to quit.
  3. While their bodies are still growing smoking can affect the way different parts of their bodies develop.  It will cause their lungs to mature quicker but not in a healthy way.
  4. Smoking can cause circulation issues in your body as you get older.  This can lead to heart issues, circulation in their legs can be affected over time.  They may think ‘that won’t happen to me’ but the fact of the matter is once they start, especially at such a young age they are bound to have a tougher time quitting the older they get.
  5. Smoking can age a person’s looks.  If you look at some people that have smoked from a very young age, they appear older than they really are.  Smoking will, over time create damage to a person’s skin (especially in their face).

Our kids need to know that smoking is not a game and can have long term effects on how they grow and become an adult.

5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco

Although my own children are now adults and none of them smoke, I want to make sure my grandchildren understand the dangers that smoking can cause.  I have smoked on and off since I was 17.  I never smoked while I was pregnant for any of my children and I do not smoke in our vehicle or house.  It is something that I started to do out of a joke that led to me continuing to smoke for very many years.  It isn’t something I want them to try or start because I know from experience just how hard it is to quit.

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5 Ways to Communicate with your Kids About the Dangers of Using Tobacco

You can learn more about “Seen Enough Tobacco” campaign at the links below:

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  • Those are some excellent talking points to educate children on the dangers of tobacco. Hopefully- growing up in a family of non-smokers will reinforce these pointsa.

  • These are great things to explain to your kids about why it is SO important not to smoke cigarettes! My oldest daughter is only 10 but is already so against it and always complain when we go to the store and someone is smoking outside of it (why do they have to put those butt trays RIGHT NEXT to the entrance?!).

  • I was no angel as a teenager some 50 years ago! To me, liquor & smoking went hand in hand! I quit, because I didn’t like feeling an ? sitting on my chest the next day! These are great tips! But I used the scare tactics. My kids are adults & none of them smoke now. I know they experimented when they were young though.

  • My son is very aware of this situation thankfully! But can never be too careful making sure you kids know the risk! Very informative!

  • Good points and I agree those conversations have to be had early. Like so many conversations that need to be had earlier than in the past, these little people are exposed to so much so early in their lives. It’s a tough subject.

  • I smoke every now and again, being the stress I have been thru in my life. And as much as I know the bad outcome; I am not ever going to quit, because I have always had the struggles of having friends. But I would never want anyone ever to start smoking

  • Great idea were so lucky none of us smoke in our family. My kids are grown and they learned so much in school about smoking. You dont see many people where we live doing it either. People are more health conscious and know the risk now.

  • Great tips. I started smoking as a kid because my sister smoked and I wanted to be like her. Boy do I regret it. The only time I was able to quit was when I was pregnant. But started right back up. I am trying to quit this year I have cut down a lot.

  • I agree 100%, some thing you have to be blunt about. Better not to try it, and explain the why’s from an early age

  • Great tips for helping teach kids not to smoke. I intend to show visuals of what it will do to your lungs. I think that it really shows how it effects your health.

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