5 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Recover

Most people look forward to better days to come for the new year. Many make a list of New Year’s Resolutions to fulfill to make themselves better.

However, these “promises” to oneself often prove challenging to achieve, especially for people in addiction recovery. Most often want to speed up their recovery, but it is a long process that needs patience and time.

Understanding Addiction for Recovery Support

Misinformation and aversion to meaningful and proactive conversations about addiction and recovery are two reasons addiction is still misunderstood. This misunderstanding also makes sobriety more challenging to achieve.

According to havenhouserecovery.com, these are some common myths about addiction.

 1. People Who Lead Normal Lives are Not at Risk of Addiction

Most experts could not find an identifying factor that’s causing addiction. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol due to stress, trauma, or mental health issues. Some develop an addiction from misusing prescribed opioids. No matter the reason or station in life, consistently using substances can get a person addicted over time.

 2. It is Easy to Quit an Addiction

Willpower alone is not enough to quit. Ironically, the belief that quitting an addiction is easy is the primary reason people get addicted in the first place.

 3. Addiction is a Choice

Yes, substance abuse may be voluntary at first. However, addiction is not. Most experts agree that addiction is a mental disorder that makes someone crave the ‘high’ they get from using substances.

Substance addiction alters how the mind and body function. These changes can make a person crave their substance of choice. It also makes a recovery more challenging, often leading to relapse.

Knowing that relapse is part of the healing process and that addiction is not a choice helps patients understand that others understand what they’re going through. It also helps reduce their anxiety and frustrations while recovering.

 4. Long-term Prescription Drug Use is Not Addictive

People often wrongly believe that taking prescription drugs is safe because they are not addictive. However, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 14% of the people surveyed met the criteria for prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug misuse is when a person uses over-the-counter medication for purposes other than their prescribed use. Sometimes, it leads to people stealing medication from others to satisfy their needs.

 5. Relapsing is a Failure

Anyone who has used drugs and quit for some time can relapse. It’s a sign indicating the need for additional or new treatments.

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New Year’s Resolution: Addiction Recovery

Sobriety takes time, and the possibility of relapse can make you feel anxious after completing rehabilitation. Don’t worry; professionals can help you regain sobriety if you relapse.

You can also add these things to your New Year’s Resolutions:

 1. Rely on Your Loved Ones for Support

Always know that you are not alone in your battle against addiction. Your loved ones will always be there for you, even in your worst times. It’s healthy to rely on them for support and to feel special. It’s a difficult step, but it’s a necessary start.

 2. Stay Optimistic

Remaining optimistic is often challenging during recovery, but you can take steps to improve your outlook and help you get sober.

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Feeling frustration and other emotions is part of the healing process. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you feel confused or anxious about what has happened.

 3. Admit and Accept Your Mistakes

Addiction also harms the people around you. Accepting this truth and admitting your mistakes is hard, but it’s necessary for addiction recovery. Forgiveness is also difficult to ask, but it will help you sow the seeds of change.

 4. Get More Active

Physical activity is good for the body and can be a meditation tool that helps clear your mind.

Spend time outdoors by gardening, running, or walking through green spaces; they are physically demanding and meditative, helping your mind relax.

You can also buy exercise equipment to use at home, like dumbbells or a yoga mat. You can also go all out and buy a treadmill. You can find tons of videos online to help you get challenging workouts.

 5. Regularly Visit Your Loved Ones

Identify your support group in life. This could be your closest family members or friends. While it’s common for many recovering addicts to isolate themselves, committing to regular visits to your support group can benefit you. It helps you keep in touch with the outside world and reminds you that there is a good life outside your sober home.

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Key Takeaway

For most recovering from an addiction, sobriety is often at the top of their New Year’s Resolutions. But, many addiction misconceptions can make it more difficult for them to keep.

Make your New Year’s Resolution to stay sober easier by relying on your loved ones and visiting them regularly. You can also try to be more physically active. Most importantly, own up to your mistakes, and stay optimistic.

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