5 Ways to Use Tech Items for Decoration

5 Ways to Use Tech Items for Decoration

When you think of gadgets, chances are high that you would not think of them as items used for decorations. Be that as it may, they can be used to bring out certain effects or ambiance in any room. In fact, there are times when using tech items for decoration is the way to go for specific interior themes. There are many ways in which this can be done, but there are a few that have been proven effective.

When considering making tech items into decorations, keep in mind how ingrained it is in modern life now. Imagine a modern room without some form of lighting, gadget, appliance, or electrical fixture that is whirring, beeping, shining, or blinking. These days, those can be quite rare. From neon signs (like those from Neon Mama) to remote-controlled strip LED lights, the options are endless, meaning people can easily find things that suit their style. What we want to achieve is integrating all of those things seamlessly for aesthetics. Doing so will not only give you functional amenities, but they will also enhance the feeling of belonging in a room.

It’s All About Being Inconspicuous 

One of the most popular interior decoration methods that many homes, offices, and events places use is a huge contradiction. It involves not standing out as much as possible, which in turn will then enhance the effect of the decoration. They do this by matching the colors, shapes, or even sizes of the electronics to match the room. 

home appliance


You can apply this to your exhaust fans, vents, lights, TV, and even your computers. If the room is small, your gadgets can also be small, thin, or easy to hide in plain sight. What you want to achieve here is to blend your electronics into the local ecosystem of furniture and furnishings. By achieving equilibrium, it’s still obvious that you have electronics but they don’t stand out or appear like clutter. 

Choice of Color

Your room or any room, for that matter, will have some sort of color scheme going on, one way or another. This is unavoidable since there will be one dominant palette depending on what the room contains. You can influence this with your own choices through things like wallpaper, curtains, furniture coverings, and more. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s then a matter of matching your electronics according to the room’s colors. 

electronics contrast


You can choose to have the electronics contrast or complement the shades you have chosen. In fact, you can make it so that your options can reflect certain themes. This could include seasons, nature, opposing concepts, cultures, or even animals as long as they fit your preferences. Try imagining a room with white walls, floors, tables, and bed frames that has black computers, TVs, and AC. 

Bright or Dim?

Room lights can be bright or dim, and this could enhance or detract from the feeling you want to bring out with your decoration. It’s up to you how you want to achieve this, but you should know your options regarding light sources. There are plenty of colored LED lights, as well as some novelty incandescent lamps that are available in the market. You could use neon light, as well, since there are neon flex lights meant for interior designs.



You should be able to easily find LED, neon, or even LED neon flex suppliers on the web that sell at good prices. Going for lamps, night lights, pillow lights, and the like would be appropriate depending on what themes you are going for, as well. You can even follow concepts like sexy, cool, calm, fierce, and many more using lights as a medium. Fresh, cheerful, and creepy can be used, as well, with certain concepts reflecting your personality or interests. 

Thematic Special Effects

Many types of electronic devices blink, whirr, dance, fly, or jiggle depending on what they are. Heck, even a simple drone vacuum cleaner can add to a room by the simple virtue of its existence. These are noticeable details that are worth looking into when deciding how your electronics will affect a room’s ambiance. Coming back to lighting, for example, you could choose LED or neon lights that gently shift colors from time to time.

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special effect

You could also choose a flatscreen TV that you will mount on the wall and will have a window screensaver. These are screensavers that are supposed to mimic the view from windows to reflect any kind of scenery you want. You could do this with your computer monitor or your tablet, as well. There are plenty of opportunities to use screened gadgets to make rooms seem more than they are.

Sending a Message

One of the most effective methods of using tech for interior decoration is trying to say something in the process. You could infuse the room with your personality, make a statement regarding subjects like love or passion, or share your views. This will then affect the types of tech that you will have on display and how they will be used. Having a drone, for example, is not the same as having a book lamp since they send mixed messages. 



The same goes for computers, video game consoles, TVs, smartwatches, air purifiers, electric fireplaces, and many more. You have to remember that certain combinations will say different things about you and the room itself. Chaos is a real option that you might want to consider if you prefer to overwhelm the senses of anyone entering the room. At the same time, having an organized, clean, and futuristic-looking space would be viable, as well.


Tech has become an integral part of modern life and one that many people can no longer live without. With gadgets playing such an intrinsic role in society, why not use them for interior decoration? Through the methods discussed here, your smartphone can be both a functional and fashionable item, indeed.

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