5G Capabilities and Entertainment

5G Capabilities and Entertainment

Companies such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are pushing to become the first national provider for 5G service. Nations such as China and South Korea have already rolled out 5G networks, and the United States is quickly becoming a laggard in this arena. The United States created the infrastructure for the 4G economy because it was the first nation to bring this technology to the masses. Countries that offer progressive forms of technology to citizens inevitably create the laws and regulations for said technology as well. Legislators across party lines are concerned about falling behind in this regard and are looking for use cases in the entertainment industry. While 5G will most likely have an indefinite amount of applications, creating widespread adoption is most easily performed through the use of entertainment.

Using 5G for Sporting Events

When you go to the movies, you likely know what to expect in terms of how you will be viewing the film. You merely find your assigned seat and watch the film from only one angle. Movies are pretty stagnant in this regard, and it will be difficult for film producers such as David Guillod to incorporate 5G with cinema. With this said, 5G may begin to take off with sporting events and the various viewing angles that are currently under-utilized. Companies such as ESPN have broadcasted sports from several viewing angles for quite some time now. However, many viewers are not aware as to how many cameras are actually on the field of play at one time. The NFL appears to be the first association to realize the potential for this technology as they have recently partnered with Verizon. Roger Goodell, the commissioner for the NFL, believes this partnership will create new viewing experiences for football fans.

Throwing Away Cable Boxes

Cable television is quickly becoming the viewing experience of the past, and most consumers opt for streaming services. 5G looks to completely change how cable providers deliver content to users to compete with existing options. The majority of consumers primarily connect to the internet with a mobile device. With this being the case, users may find themselves in locations where the signal leaves a lot to be desired. With the implementation of 5G networks, consumers will have access to insanely fast speeds across the nation. Consumers will be able to download content almost instantaneously or stream favorite shows without worrying about buffering. Once these infrastructures are inevitably rolled out to the masses, speed limitations will be a concern of the past.

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Wireless internet has completely taken over the globe and will only continue to do so as time passes. As the mobile phone rests alongside the hips of billions of individuals, entertainment is always by your side nowadays. With the invention of folding screens, consumers will have access to tablet-sized viewing experiences wherever they go. There is an endless amount of speculation surrounding 5G and how it will shake up the entertainment industry. Similarly to 4G, there will inevitably be surprises along the way.

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