7 Common Issues in a House That Can Lead to Pest Infestation!

7 Common issues in a house that can lead to pest infestation!

 All homes are prone to pest infestations. Some of these are just irritating ones making it hard for you to relax, while some keep on crawling in front of you in the whole house scaring you. Some can even cause hazardous diseases to you and your family members, and some even have the power to create a crack in the house affecting the foundation of your home’s structure. The types of pests and insects are many, and their effects on you and yours are always negative. Therefore, a glimpse of any of them in the place is a matter of great concern.

No one wants the invasion of pests and insects in their house, and we all try to get rid of them through various measures. But the main concern here should be to understand their source and the way through which they enter your home. If you want to control the infestation in your house, you have to tackle the issue at its root and eradicate the factors causing them to enter your home in the first place.

   The secret passageways of the pests and insects in the house!

 When you make a home, you try your best not to leave any loopholes through which you have to face severe issues (like infestations!) later. But problems do arrive, and it’s mostly due to ignoring the basic cleanliness in the house or perhaps a slipshod attitude about maintenance. And once the problem begins, dealing with such a situation with urgency becomes the need of the hour. That is why we have listed the 7 most common areas or issues due to which pests and insects enter your home and wreak havoc. Read about the sources below so that you can nip it in the bud!

 1         Close connection with trees and shrubs — If you have a cute little garden outside and many plants in there, there are bound to be bugs and insects on them. So far, so good! But if these trees or branches are touching your windows or walls, these insects and bugs get an easy passage to enter your home! This is not good! Ensure you are keeping those branches and trees a little away from your window by trimming them on a regular basis.

2       Unmaintained clogged gutters — Your gutters, if you aren’t clean regularly, can give a ride to lots of pests and insects directly into your house. The gutters could either be broken or leaking or overflowing due to clogged debris and dirt. The first thing you should do to cure this problem is — call Ian’s Property Maintenance for gutter repair and installation in Newcastle. They can repair your gutters and clean them, and if the condition is too dilapidated, install a new one altogether.

 3         Cracks in the walls or grounds —Did you check for cracks in the corners of your house and walls when you sighted rats and lizards running in your house? These are the secret passages for these animals to enter your home. Find and repair those nooks and crannies immediately in order to close their entryways.

  4         Faulty drainage—If the drains are going haywire, you’ll see a lot of cockroaches near the sink and in the bathroom. It’s wise to act immediately and call for a plumber to deal with the problem in the first instance, and stop more of their tribe from coming in.

  5         Still water around the house — If you have plants around the house, check whether the planters or pots accumulate water that stands. Check other areas around the house where there can be stagnant water, and clean that area immediately. Stale and stagnant water is one of the most favored breeding grounds for insects and pests.  

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 6         Improper landscaping — If the sloping in the garden is faulty, and it slopes towards the house, instead of the other way ‘round, water and soil slide towards the house, get settled there, causing an infestation. around the door which can cause lots of insects to rise and enter the home too.

 7         Directly from the main door — Yes, a lot of insects come to your home through your main door! How? They can fly in when the door is open. Also, when someone with shoes walks in, the mud and dirt from their shoes often come in with them, sometimes bringing in insects with them too. And then they start multiplying causing nuisance in the home. Just a little precaution while entering, rubbing your shoes outside on a doormat and regular cleaning of the house can solve the problem.

 If you look into all these pointers, you can stop the irritating occurrence of pests and insects in your home. For the ones that are already inside, get a pest control service done professionally to eradicate them altogether.


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