3 Easy Steps to Decrease Your Wedding Stress

3 Easy Steps to Decrease Your Wedding Stress

Having the wedding of your dreams is no doubt one of the happiest and most rewarding experiences in life, but no one can deny planning the big day can be stressful with a capital “S.” Finding a venue that mimics your fairytale I do’s and that can accommodate both you and your spouse-to-be’s family and friends — not to mention picking out a dress, finding a caterer and sending out the invites —  is a lot for any couple to manage. 

Truthfully, even the most meticulously planned weddings still have a few day-of hiccups. But you can avert a major wedding (or honeymoon) disaster by checking a few things off your to-do list ahead of your celebration.

Here’s where to start planning so you can enjoy being a bride on your wedding day.

1. Enjoy the Food

Let’s be real: Enjoying delicious food is one of the best parts of any event — and weddings are no exception. Not to mention, you probably spent a pretty penny on the prix fixe menu. In fact, the average plated meal at a wedding costs roughly $40 per person. 

However, plenty of couples get caught up in the tradition of greeting and thanking guests table by table and miss out on one of the most memorable parts of their special day — the food! So, before your upcoming nuptials, request that the caterer set aside a plate for you and your spouse. A majority of Catering services in San Francisco will accommodate this.

2. Have a Backup Plan

We’re not talking about ditching your significant other, but rather making sure the head of your wedding-day glam squad has a few tricks up their sleeve in case something goes awry. As terrifying as it sounds, dresses can rip or get stained, the weather doesn’t cooperate, and sometimes even one of your vendors doesn’t show. These issues can create panic in any bride, but they don’t have to spell disaster if you’re prepared.  

In that vein, have contracts in place for all your hired help and include a clause that dictates what they should be prepared to do if they can’t fulfill their end of the agreement on your special day. Also, have easy solutions on-hand, like a sewing kit and a stain-removing pen, so small emergencies can be dealt with within a matter of minutes.

3. Don’t Forget Your Wedding Night

We get it: For brides-to-be, their wedding dress is everything. The try-on, the alterations, the fittings — it’s easy to see why the dress you wear to say “I do” becomes the sole focus. But what you wear underneath the dress of your dreams matters, too. Whether it’s a classy bra-and-panty set or a more daring bustier, lingerie shopping can add some confidence and a dose of sexy to your finalized bridal look.

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Seek out the perfect style as you can shop multiple looks (think wedding night and honeymoon wear) and even get your partner’s input. Shopping online for wedding lingerie also provides you with the ultimate convenience as you narrow down your list of to-dos and your celebration nears. And, just like that, that sexy slip or lacy bodysuit is yours.

Create Incredible Memories without the Stressing

As a soon-to-be bride, one of the best and biggest gifts you can give yourself is the ability to enjoy your wedding day without any worries or stress. By taking on proactive planning and checking off a few to-dos before your special day, you’ll be ready to create some incredible memories.


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