7 Key Reasons Why Cruising is the Best Way to Travel the World

7 Key Reasons Why Cruising is the Best Way to Travel the World

In 2017, 25.8 million people around the world took a cruise. Were you one of them? Do you wish you were one of them?

You can find a variety of cruise destinations made to fit different budgets. These cruise shore excursions give you a rejuvenating break from your daily routine and stress. You will take on those life challenges with renewed confidence and vigor.

Start making plans to travel the world today. We will show you the best way to travel.

7 Key Reason to Travel the World on a Cruise

A cruise sounds fun, but can you afford it? Cruises cost about $300 to $400 per person. This does not include travel to the departure location, purchase of souvenirs or other activities while visiting off the boat.

Are you surprised? Many cruise lines are now offering themed vacations. This may include a singles cruise, sports theme, movie theme, family cruise. This adds more fun to your choice.

Keep reading to find out more information that may surprise you.

1. Amazing and Unlimited Food

All food comes as part of the package. Most ship’s restaurants never close. The variety of cuisine will overwhelm your taste buds.

Cruise cuisine, known for being top shelf, offers different menus daily. You will never eat the same thing twice.

You do have to buy a separate drink package for unlimited sodas and alcohol. Water, iced tea, and lemonade are available at no extra charge.

2. Come for the Food, Stay for the Entertainment

Cruise ships have entertainment for passengers of all ages. You will find casinos, piano bars, and karaoke. You can watch current movies on the big screen while floating in the pool, or lounging on the deck.

If you enjoy stage shows, attend musicals, magic shows, comedy club acts, and other live entertainment. You may attend Cirque du Soleil style shows and ice-skating performances. Believe it or not, there are also parades, dances and more to keep your nightlife hopping.

3. Relax with No Worries About Planning the Next Part of Your Adventure

Many vacations require that you keep up with the agenda. You don’t want to miss a tour or a meal you paid for. You may have to pack and unpack as you move from one place to the next.

Have you ever had to deal with delays on a trip and missed a connection? This can result in extra cost, more packing and unpacking, and missed opportunities.

On a cruise, when you finish your daily activities and wish to rest and dress for the evening, just return to your room. No charge for taxis or other transportation.

You only unpack once. Everything goes with you. When the ship docks, you can choose to visit the area or not.

4. Variety of Destination

The ship is a floating hotel. You will wake up in a new destination every morning. Imagine walking out on deck to find new landscapes and visages every day.

The cruise ship often stops at about 3 different locations that you may visit and explore. You can book onshore experiences through the cruise line. This ensures that you don’t book and pay an unreliable vendor who does not provide the service you wanted.

If you happen to be in Croatia then hop aboard an elegant Croatia cruise for seven days, and you’ll sail from one breathtaking island to the next, enjoying all that this stunning country has to offer. From the capital city of Zagreb to the picturesque islands of Hvar and Korcula, you’ll have a chance to explore everything that Croatia has to offer.

If you find yourself delayed, for some reason while on shore, the ship will wait for you. This definitely adds peace of mind.

5. You Can Cruise with a Group of Friends or Colleagues

Cruises make a nice group vacation, company get-away, or even conference destination. You do not have to book rooms too close together. With the wide variety of onboard activities, everyone can go do what interests them.

If you travel to a specific location, there is more pressure for everyone to stay together. There may often be an unspoken rule that everyone needs to do the same activities. This may result in stress and frustration, not a vacation.

While on the cruise, you can plan to meet for meals or certain common activities. Yet, everyone has space and freedom to enjoy themselves.

6. Good Family Vacation Option

The family can stay together while enjoying separate activities. Most cruises offer childcare facilities where children can enjoy activities planned for them. This allows the parents to enjoy some vacation time without the children.

Many of the entertainment options are family friendly. This allows everyone to enjoy the time together.

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This can strike the perfect balance of family and individual vacations. Everyone comes away happy.

7. Pamper Yourself

What do you think about when you consider the ultimate pampering experience? Do you want a massage or spa treatment? Is sunbathing on the deck your dream?

You may enjoy exercising. The ships have state of the art gyms, pools, and places for running.

Your children can enjoy running, jumping, swimming, and playing under the supervision of qualified ship personnel. This is part of the package.

Finish your day with a relaxing dinner in one of the many dining rooms or restaurants.

It’s Time to Get the Party Started

It’s time to stop dreaming and start planning your cruise. What choices do you have? Click to view here.

Plan who will travel with you if this will be a single’s adventure. Decide on a location. Theme or no theme?

Carpe Diem or YOLO. Your choice.

Is it Time to Plan Your Next Outing?

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