8 Reasons to Take the Kids Abroad on Holiday

8 Reasons to Take the Kids Abroad on Holiday

Have you ever thought about taking a family holiday abroad with the children? Unfortunately, too few kids actually get to travel abroad on family holidays. Sometimes it’s a matter of finance and other times parents, themselves, understand just how important it is to show their children that great big world in which they live. If you are in the midst of planning next year’s holiday, why not consider taking a family holiday abroad. If you still aren’t convinced just how important it is to show the kids more of the world in which they live, here are eight reasons why you should take the kids abroad on holiday.

1. An Opportunity to Learn About Other Cultures

You would think that by this point in time we would have learned to better understand other cultures. Sadly, even with satellite television and the internet, many people seem to live with a rather limited worldview. Sometimes this is simply because children never had the opportunity to see what life was like in other countries and other cultures. By planning a family holiday abroad, you will be giving your children a first-hand look at how others live and that they are no different to the families back home. Mothers and fathers love their children, kids love to play with their mates and everyone enjoys music. The foods we eat may be different, but who doesn’t love to eat!

2. The Sheer Fun of Travelling

What about just how much fun it is to travel? For just a moment, think about packing up the van, parking at Birmingham Airport and then getting on a flight to Milan or Genoa in Italy? Not only will the kids get to experience real Italian food as cooked by the locals, but they will get to look down at the world from a ‘birds’ eye view’ – literally! Imagine going from Birmingham Airport parking to an airplane that climbs so high in the sky? What a treat that would be for a first-time flyer.

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3. Seeing Things They Learn in School

Then, there is the fact that your children will be learning about many of these holiday destinations at school. Why not give them the thrill of a lifetime to actually see those places up close and personal? What a great way to give them a better, and more realistic understanding, of what all those textbooks are trying to teach them? Imagine the fun they’ll have shared with the class all their experiences upon arriving back home in the UK?

4. A Chance to Explore New Natural Habitats

Have you ever wondered just how many species of flora and fauna there are on earth? While kids can look out their window in the UK to see rabbits, deer, fox, and other native animals, imagine what they’d feel when looking out of a window in New Delhi, India? Can you imagine the excitement of seeing an elephant or, if out in rural areas, a tiger? No, it might not be safe to let them play outside with wild creatures like that roaming about, but you’d probably not see those kinds of creatures unless you were far enough out in remote locations!

5. An Introduction to Geography

What about geography? There isn’t a school in the developed world that doesn’t spend a great deal of time on geography. Which countries have mountains, which have deserts? Which countries are located on the water and which countries are landlocked on all sides? This is something quite difficult for kids growing up in the UK to imagine because this nation is bordered on every side by water! Now imagine living in a country where you’d have to travel more than 1,000 miles to reach a coast? Some children around the world may never see an ocean or sea in their entire lives. If you want your children to have a better understanding of the way in which the world is formed, a family holiday might make learning more fun than they could ever have in a geography class!

6. Discovering New Ways to Enjoy Life

Then there are all those different cultural activities which your kids never get to experience at home. Consider for a moment the aborigines in Australia. Those children learn to do tribal dances at an early age and those dances are designed to pass on traditions without the aid of books or films. Some cultures enjoy life in real-time as opposed to watching television or playing video games. How enlightening is that? Imagine teaching your children that there really is life outside the internet and that they might even enjoy it more!

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7. A Different View of Nature

Here at home in the UK, our teachers and government are putting a high priority on global warming and climate change. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult for children to understand just how devastating this can be. Some parents have purposely planned trips to desert areas where children can see the impact global warming is having. Those areas have been suffering years of drought and with the right kinds of guided tours, they can learn about how the land once looked and what it has become after years without rain. Sometimes it takes seeing the devastation brought about by humans to truly understand what we are doing to our natural habitat, and kids are the future we look forward to.

8. A Better Appreciation for What We Have

Finally, after all of the above, one of the best things which kids can learn is a better appreciation for what they have. While there are so many places on earth that ‘appear’ to be paradise, those children may be living in dangerous times. For example, Indonesia after the tidal waves that tore through the area just over a decade ago. The children in Africa who suffer under droughts, and then there are the overcrowded cities like New Delhi. If your child often complains about the lack of play yards and amusement parks, sometimes it’s better to let them come to the realization on their own that life really is good here in the UK.

Together We Can Shape the Future

It may sound a bit extreme, but if we truly want to build a world in which nations learn to get along, it must start with the youth of today. They are our future and there is no time like the present to teach them that we live in a very, very big world. Yes, there are differences, but in the end, we have much in common. We live, laugh and love, and although we have different ways of expressing ourselves, the underlying emotions are the same.

What sets us apart from the animal kingdom is our capacity to think and build better lives for ourselves. This year why not plan a family holiday with the sole purpose of giving your child an education they would never get anywhere else. It’s their future and to think that one simple family holiday can help to shape that future is simply amazing, isn’t it?

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