A Comprehensive Guide To The Various Options For Hair Removal

Guide To The Various Options For Hair Removal

Today, with the wide variety of available and accessible modern technologies and over-the-counter products to remove body and facial hair both safely and effectively, the days where the only option was to use a razor to shave your legs whilst standing in the shower are well and truly over.

Here, for your information, is a comprehensive guide to the various options for facial and body hair removal.

Temporary Hair Removal

Waxing is one of the most popular, relatively affordable, and wholly effective ways of temporarily removing both facial and body hair, and the beauty is that you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home. There are certain key advantages to choosing waxing as the primary hair removal technique you use, including less hair regrowth and finer hair strands when it does start to grow back, soothing exfoliation of the skin, less chance of painful in-growing hairs, and a low risk of inflammation. 

Another more favored measure for removing body hair is the careful use of specially designed depilatory creams. Hair removal creams are generally kinder on the skin than shaving and even waxing, as razors tend to harden the skin after regular use on the same area. 

Depilatory hair removal creams are entirely painless and are particularly useful in areas of the body that are difficult to access with a razor, and the risk of cutting yourself is also removed. 

More Permanent Hair Removal

One of the most permanent and popular options for safe and effective facial and body hair removal is to book yourself in at a clinic for a few sessions of electrolysis. 

Electrolysis is essentially the use of fine needles which distribute shortwave radio frequencies directly inside each individual hair follicle. Just be aware that for the best results, follow-up sessions are required in the weeks immediately afterwards. 

Another popular hair removal choice is to opt for laser hair removal, which again targets the roots of every individual hair follicle. There are a multitude of benefits to choosing laser hair removal, including the speed it takes from start to finish, the fact that it is entirely painless, and the precise and minutely accurate pinpointing of each individual hair follicle. Laser hair removal is a more long-term solution to keeping unwanted body and facial hair growth at bay. 

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Alternatively, for your face—and specifically your eyebrows—threading is by far the best option to shape and smooth your brows, but always ensure you visit a reputable and professional salon; for example, you could look up utopiabeautique.com, where the clinicians will provide the best possible treatment.


If you have your heart set on shaving as your primary method of hair removal, the golden rule is to never, under any circumstances, ever use a razor anywhere near your face. 

Always shave your body when your legs are wet, either in the bath or the shower; and always use shaving cream and apply it plentifully so it covers the area you intend to shave. 

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