About to Ask Her if She Wants to Marry You? 6 Ways to Ensure She Will Say Yes

About to Ask Her if She Wants to Marry You? 6 Ways to Ensure She Will Say Yes

Popping the question can seem a daunting task for men who are unsure of how to be romantic. When proposing to that special lady, men want every detail to be perfect, with the end goal of her saying yes. Thankfully, there are some foolproof ways to get her to give the right answer. With these tips, men will feel much more at ease when it comes time to progress to the altar.

Romance Is the Only Option

When it comes time to pop the question, romance is key. The lighting, the mood, and the time of day all play roles in the special moment. It is also important men have decided on the right Engagement Rings. The engagement ring will stand as a symbol of the couple’s love for a lifetime. To ensure the moment is perfectly romantic, it is wise for a man to study his girlfriend and ensure her expectations are met.

Six Ways to Ensure She Will Say Yes

Even if a man knows his girlfriend loves him, he may feel a certain level of anxiety in popping the question. What if she says no? Although there are certainly no guarantees in life, the following tips can help men feel more confident in getting the right answer from their love.

  1. Although it may seem old-fashioned in today’s modern world, asking her hand in marriage is still an honored tradition. She and her family will appreciate the effort. Asking her hand in marriage will undoubtedly give you brownie points with added romance for the jewelry.
  2. Think about what defines the relationship. It is those little moments. The place where you first met. The first date location. Taking her back to a special moment in time is a perfect way to propose.
  3. Do not get stuck on perfection. No matter how well a man plans that special moment, things could and likely will go off plan. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder anyway. Just plan on making sure the moment is unforgettable.
  4. Find out if she is ready. You do not have to broach the subject by revealing your plans, but it is important to know if she is on board. Knowing beforehand will help a man to be less nervous because he already knows she will say yes.
  5. Talk with her friends and family about the ring. Learn about her jewelry tastes. Finding the perfect ring is not all that difficult with a little research and the right jeweler to help.
  6. It is also important men be themselves. A lot of nervousness can make a man act out of character. Try to focus on being yourself, no matter how you propose.

Do Not Be Afraid

Fear can keep men from proposing or waiting too long. Do not miss out on making her your wife. By turning the above tips into actions, men will be less afraid to pop the question.

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The perfect moment may not happen, but it will still be amazing. With a beautiful engagement ring, a heart full of love, and a time-honored tradition, men will get the answer they are looking for from their girlfriends. Never be afraid to think outside of the box when proposing to that special lady.

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