How to add some Scandinavian chic to Your Home this Christmas

How to add some Scandinavian chic to your home this Christmas

The northern lights, chunky knitwear, soft blankets and accessories that are incredibly cute, yet minimalistic, Scandinavian influences remain top of the list of must-haves for interiors this Christmas. Simple, yet practical, while remaining stylish and designed for the cold weather, if you want to give your home a truly unique look this winter, then consider adding some ‘Scandi chic’. First and foremost, if you are going to make any changes to your home or living space, then you need to be practical. Set a budget, or establish a timeline if you are planning a larger makeover project. Make sure that you do your research too – as any structural work may require planning permission from your local council. If you are keen to get going, then read on to find out how to add some Scandinavian touches to your home this festive season.

Funky furnishings

Some funky furnishings can add color and style to a dark and gloomy room. Yes, Scandinavia and the Nordic countries may experience shorter hours of daylight during the winter period, but this doesn’t mean that your home has to lose out on a new lease of life. You could start by changing your curtains, or invest in a few blankets and throws in which you and your family can snuggle up while watching a Christmas movie. If you are thinking of changing your carpet, then make sure it can withstand both you and your family. Sites such as Big Warehouse Sale have a range of affordable and stylish options, and they have advice on how to find and fit the ideal carpet for you. Finally, you could consider updating your lampshades and lamps in your family room for a fresher, brighter feel. The right lighting can make all the difference, and it need not cost the earth to make a few changes.

Different Decorations

If you are looking to decorate your home with a more Scandinavian influence, then you can scale back on the Christmas decorations too. A few tasteful antlers and piles of wood for your fireplace will definitely set the tone. Plus, you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune. A few sprigs of seasonal greenery and your visitors will feel like they are in Lapland.

Finishing touches

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If you are looking for quirky, cute, finishing touches that won’t break the bank then head to your local Ikea store to check what’s on offer. For less than 20 dollars you will be able to pick up a heap of unusual bargains, such as vases and cushions that can inject a new lease of life into a tired room. You can also check yard or garage sales to pick up some retro accessories too, such as kitchenware and sideboards. If you are on a strict budget, then head to your local dollar store to stock up on candles and cute napkins in Scandinavian colors and styles.

It’s easy and simple to add some Scandinavian chic to your home. Choose a few simple furnishings, keep your decorations low key, and be sure to look out for those essential finishing touches. So what are you waiting for? Let your creative juices flow.


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