It’s Alive! How to Make Your Home Feel Less Sterile

It's Alive! How to Make Your Home Feel Less Sterile

As Sophie wandered through the house, turning into the kitchen, her breathing became erratic and she felt uncomfortable, almost claustrophobic. It definitely didn’t feel like the home it once had been.

There was no noise, no mess, no happy gatherings of children and grandchildren. It was cold, bare – dead. It had become sterile, more like a movie set than a place of joy. Her family home just didn’t feel the same anymore.

Whether you’re like Sophie, and you have an older house, or you have a pristine new abode that looks like nobody has touched it, too often, things appear perfect.

For me, I don’t want polished white tiles. Sterile spaces lack character; it makes me feel like I’m more in a hospital than a home.

Now here are some ways to add some life back into your interior spaces.

Add Texture:

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel more liveable and less like a clinic is to add textures. This is particularly good for your living and dining spaces.

You want it to feel inviting and as if you actually live there. Upholstery fabric can be a great way to personalize your armchairs and couch.

Natural textures, such as a timber table or bench top can give the area a more earthy and homely feel.

It's Alive! How to Make Your Home Feel Less Sterile

Include some art or pictures to inspire you:

When it comes to making a home more welcoming and less like the magazine picture, look toward including some art or family pictures.

Whether it is the living room or master bedroom, having a favorite painting or a family portrait on the wall will add more personality.

Because you want things that are important and special to you, for even the most creative display wallpaper can make a wall feel like a blank canvas.

Spread some scents:

Do you have memories of going to your grandmother’s house? Did she make fresh bread or your favourite treat? Did it make you feel welcome?

There are many aromas you can add to your house to make it feel comforting and inviting. Those such as lavender and mint are popular choices.  

Many of these pleasant smells and aromas can automatically make us feel more at home. According to Lifehack, scents such as “…baking in a home is a great way to fill it with an aroma that instantly smells like home…”

Add a splash of colour to the intended space:

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When you concern yourself with rooms that are traditionally or intentionally bright or tiled, such as a bathroom or ensuite, using colour can help to limit a clinical appearance.

According to The Spruce, “a white-washed, neutral room doesn’t mean you have to give up

all colour.” Accents can give life and a less neutral tone to your room.

Accessories such as coloured towels in the bathroom or metallic coloured handles in the kitchen fixtures can add some warmth to the palette.

Include layered materials where possible:

Another way to make your house more inviting and warm is to include layered materials where possible. This can be particularly welcome in a lounge or living space, to invite guests.

Elle Decor has some tips on how layering and knitted materials can make the zone much cozier and give a warm feeling.

Now, hopefully, you have some tips on how to make your home more lively and welcoming.


  •         Texture helps to create warmth.
  •         Include colours and pictures that suit your personality.
  •         Aromas are an easy way to relax and welcome guests.
  •         Layering and knits can add a cozy feeling to your desired space.

Good luck!

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