The Resident Season 1 on DVD

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Disclosure: I received a copy of Season 1 of The Resident in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

I just love shows that have to do with doctors, police, the fire department, you name it we are watching it.  Somehow I missed season 1 of The Resident so I was excited when I was offered a copy to review.  Especially since Season 2 is now on. (Luckily we have DVR), so I have been recording it so I won’t miss an episode.
You will LOVE Matt Czuchry as much as I do as the resident.  He was in The Good Wife too.  You will enjoy watching him in the final years of his doctoral training.  It shows the good, the bad and of course the ugly.  So if you haven’t been watching The Resident, pick up your copy on 10.2 so you can then catch up on season 2 airing now.
You can purchase Season 1 on Amazon here.  (my affiliate link).  It will be in stock on 10.10.
The Complete Season 1 is on a 3 disc set which includes:
Disc 1-Pilot, Independence Day, Comrades in Arms, Identity Crisis.
Disc 2-None the Wiser, No Matter the Cost, The Elopement, Family Affair, Lost Love
Disc 3-Haunted And the Nurses Get Screwed, Rude Awakenings and the Raptor, Run, Doctor, Run and Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Pick up your copy now and tune into the new season on Monday’s at 8/7 c only on Fox.

The Resident Season 1 is available on DVD October 2.
Starring Matt Czuchry (The Good Wife), The Resident is a powerful new medical drama that focuses on the final years of a young doctor’s training and rips back the curtain to reveal both the good and the bad in hospitals across the country. Pick up your copy now and tune into the new season on Monday’s at 8/7 c only on Fox.

The Resident Season 1 Available on DVD 10.2

The Resident Season 1 on DVD


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