Are Your Family Members More At Risk Right Now?

family at risk

Currently, numerous countries around the world are preparing their exit strategies to move out of lockdown. Indeed, several states in the USA have already launched ambitious and some would argue premature plans to get the economy back in gear. However, there are still numerous questions surrounding the coronavirus.

Will lifting the lockdown cause a surge in numbers? What social distancing measures need to be in place? Are people in your family more at risk? That’s an important one and this is what we’re going to explore today.


The first question to ask is whether your kids are at risk of developing the coronavirus. It was first presumed that children had the lowest chance of contracting the virus and the lowest chance of ending up in a critical condition. This is still true, however, a recent report from the NHS has warned of a new illness in young children which they suggest could be related to the coronavirus. The report stated that while causing serious symptoms the cases were low and mainly limited to London in the UK. As such, there is no cause right now to worry that your children are more at risk. Doctors maintain that if your child does get ill it is likely to be something other than the coronavirus. 


Anyone over the age of 70 is far more at risk from contracting the virus and far more likely to develop severe symptoms. Due to this, it’s likely that even when lockdowns do lift, elderly individuals will be advised to remain at home and remain isolated as much as possible. So, if you have a grandparent living with you, then it’s important to take the right measures to keep them safe. However, it’s also critical that they do still go outside and get fresh air. 

Pregnant Women 

It’s possible that you are pregnant and there’s definitely a lot of fear surrounding the coronavirus in this community right now. Women are worried about whether there are more chances of a pregnancy and coronavirus symptoms occurring at the same time. The main thinking here is that pregnant women tend to have a weakened immune system. This is to ensure that the body doesn’t attack the fetus. 

However, studies have shown that individuals who do are young and end up in critical conditions with this virus often have a strong immune system. In fact, the immune system may be so strong that it overreacts to the virus and causes some of the more dangerous symptoms. 

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Finally, numerous studies have shown that men are more likely to contract this virus and they are more likely to end up in a critical condition. As such, it might be advisable for men to take more precautions and certainly ensure that they are washing their hands as much as possible. It’s worth noting that researchers aren’t sure why this is happening. 

We hope this helps you understand a little more about whether your family members are more at risk and what you can do to keep them safe. 

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