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There’s such a glut of tablets out on the market it can be quite confusing if you are contemplating on getting one. High-end iPads, mid-range Galaxy Tabs, and low-end ones like the EP121. And so another model jumps into the fray…

A Tablet That Packs a Punch

The Eee Slate EP121 is not exactly the sleekest of tablets out there. There’s nothing sexy about it, even its name is plain. Clearly this tablet was not designed for the aesthetics-driven consumer.

It is big – a 12.1-inch screen. It is chunky – 16.95mm thick, which means it is heavy. Which it is – 2.6 pounds, so holding it for prolonged periods of time is not practical.

It boasts an Intel Core i5 processor with up to 4GB memory and up to 64GB of flash storage running the Windows 7 OS. There are multiple I/O ports for expansion, inclusive of two USB ports, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port. Web browsing and working on documents is a breeze.

Entertainment, to Go

Using the EP121 for self-entertainment is great, but keeping multiple people enthralled is even better. Whether in landscape or portrait view, the Eee Slate allows for sharing of movies, videos, photos, or whatever’s on screen on its large high-resolution wide view screen. With access to an on-line bookstore it becomes a mobile library. For a larger display, simply connect the Eee Slate to a DLNA-supported one for wireless streaming. Plus, the audio quality of its built-in speakers makes for an excellent entertainment experience.

Multiple data input options

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For increased productivity, the EP121 offers multiple input options. The Wacom Digitizer stylus is a digital pen that is pressure sensitive, ideal for artists or designers who do a lot of sketching. It works well for note-taking, too. Or, fingers can be used to access media player controls or play games. A bundled lightweight wireless Bluetooth keyboard is also available for typing needs.

Staying Connected

The Eee Slate allows for staying close and connected to friends and family. WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0 is used for connectivity, and a high-resolution camera can be used for video-chats. Expandable memory slots and other ports allow for easy transferring of pictures and video files. And Window Live Mesh allows contents of the Eee Slate to be synced with other Windows 7 devices.

A tablet device doesn’t have to skimp on performance too just because of its size. The EP121 takes productivity to a whole new level, whether running Office applications or viewing videos on YouTube. And browsing the Web is a cinch, with a verizon fios promo code deal.

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