image is an in-text link based program which uses Kontera’s patented technology for performing real-time analysis of web page information and content. Their algorithm picks the most context-based keywords, phrases on that page and then hyperlinks that to other users. This makes the information relevant (and comes from among other INTENTclick’s advertisers, which number in the thousands.

You will notice a site using INTENTclick as the double lines under the keywords are what identifies that the text-link, when hovered over or clicked, goes to another site. This is a win-win for the publisher of the website you are on and the advertiser whose ad you clicked on. The publisher gets ad revenue, and the publisher gets their information to possibly new clients.

Implementation is easy as 1-2-3. You will sign up for Once you sign up you are given a username and password (usually your email address and a password they assign you).

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Once inside of your account you will want to click the INTENTclick Setup to create your Tag. Here you will pick your platform; either website or WordPress. They give you the ability to select your link colo, and then you can copy and paste the tag into your website’s HTML source. Instructions are very easy to follow! If you use (self-hosted) option there is even a plug-in that helps you incorporate the INTENTclick into your posts. There is even the ability to ‘turn-off’ the text-links, as some advertisers/people you write for might not want their post to be directing someone to another site.

When running INTENTclick with another ad revenue service INTENTclick expects your revenue to be 25% higher. Although this is not promised, it is expected. Their customer service is wonderful as they are great at returning your emails if you have any questions or concerns. You can track your impressions, clicks, and many more items by date or time period in the Reports area so you will always be on top of what is going on with your account. If you would like to sign up just go to, sign up and be on your way to earning.

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