The Benefits Of Choosing Formula From Birth

The Benefits Of Choosing Formula From Birth

Caring for your newborn child can bring with it a variety of fears and apprehensions. There is so much information out there about what to do and what not to do with your baby that it can be incredibly overwhelming as well as difficult to separate fact from opinion. One topic which is the subject of much debate among new parents is the decision on whether to feed your child formula from birth or to breastfeed.

Ultimately, both breastfeeding and formula feeding represent healthy and responsible choices for ensuring that your child receives adequate nutrition. Here, we focus only on the unique benefits of choosing a formula and will aim to highlight the benefits of making the decision to formula feed your child from birth.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of formula feeding from birth, especially if you are a concerned and inquisitive new mother who wants to learn more about optimizing our child’s nutrition.

Formula Is Convenient And Flexible

One of the most obvious and most appreciated benefits of choosing to formula feed your baby from birth is the convenience and flexibility that it offers. With formula feeding, the new mother does not have to be the primary feeding caregiver. With newborns feeding every two to three hours, breastfeeding can be quite a demanding task – physically and mentally. With formula, anyone – from the new father to your extended family – can have the opportunity to bond with your baby while feeding with a bottle.

This can significantly improve the quality of life of new parents. Each partner can take turns addressing the baby’s needs and can allow both parents to receive adequate sleep in the early months of a baby’s life. This will undoubtedly improve your relationship with your child as a relaxed and well-rested parent is more likely to be attentive with their baby in other regards.

Furthermore, formula feeding from birth can allow a new mother to resume her normal diet and lifestyle activities. This includes everything from taking regular medications to drinking alcohol in moderation or enjoying spicy foods. You will not have to worry about any of these substances passing from your breastmilk to your baby if you choose to formula feed.

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Formula From Birth Ensures Complete Nutrition

Contrary to what might be a popular intuition, the formula contains elements, vitamins, and minerals that are not found in breastmilk. These include vitamin D and DHA fatty acids as well as other minerals in high amounts, such as iron to facilitate the development of your child. Considering this, you can feel completely comfortable with the decision to formula feed your baby from birth knowing that it is receiving a complete nutritional regimen.

Using formula also allows new parents to accurately gauge the precise amount of nutrition that their babies are receiving. While there is some guesswork with breastfeeding to know if your child has received enough or not, formula feeding can be measured, poured, and delivered to your baby without too much fuss. This information can be used to verify that your infant is eating enough and is on the right developmental track.

Formula From Birth Is A Solid Option

Considering these real and tangible benefits of formula feeding, it can make a lot of sense for new parents to make the switch. Whether you decide to test out formula feeding for yourself or not, it is always better to be well informed choosing Formula when making decisions about the well-being of your child. Moving forward, continue to educate yourself with contemporary research into infant health and you can be sure that your infant will grow up healthy and happy.

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  • I breastfed both of my daughters for 13 months. Formula has certainly come a long way in nutrition, and is now such a comparable option.

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