CVPS or Computerized Valet Parking Systems and Their Overall Advantages For Your Business

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People have different views and opinions about valet parking. For some, it is a good and convenient way to park your car safely in crowded places. An automated valet parking will bring your business to a whole new level. Bringing it as an augmented service in your business will surely boost your customers’ satisfaction rate.

There is a wide range of options in choosing a CVPS for your business. However, before considering any of this, there are a few other necessities you need to implement for your business car park. You’ll need to ensure your businesses car park has some form of insurance, so in order to save yourself some money, make sure to compare motor trade insurance prices before choosing one. There are thousands of policies out there. To look for the best one for your business, is a promising place to start. 

Valet Parking

Here are the eight benefits that you can enjoy once you have CVPS:

  1. No Need For Tickets

Most systems operate through mobile devices to make transactions, thus, no need for tickets or additional papers. There’s no more anxiety for your customers that they might lose their tickets. Most customers find it inconvenient whenever they lose it because it is complicated to prove that they are the car owner if they don’t have a ticket to present.

That’s why CVPS is an advantage if you have one. They will like your service more than other competitors because yours is automated and innovative.  

  1. You Can Go Cashless

Most customers nowadays no longer bring cash with them. And it is because of their many combinations and version of reasons. Thus, most of them prefer paying online or through cards. Aside from being hassle-free, business owners will benefit from it as well, since the payments will go straight to your account.

  1. More Secured

When talking about security and safety, CVPS is an excellent technique to tighten up security and watch over fraudulent activities.

  • VIN Scanning and License Plate Recognition

Some systems are capable of tracking license numbers and scanning VINs for easier identification. Some also take photos of the vehicle before entering the vicinity to avoid customers claiming malicious damage to their car.

  • Customers Keep the Keys

If asked, no customer would really want to hand their keys to a total stranger. CVPS significantly gives your customers the assurance that no one will touch their vehicles. The possibilities of unfortunate events from happening are lesser with CVPS. Adverse events, such as the car being taken away or being stolen, are the most unwanted scenarios for business owners. Business owners are partially responsible for their customers’ belongings entrusted to them.

  1. No More Queueing

Another benefit that you can enjoy with CVPS is the privilege of not having any more queues. Customers can effortlessly book or reserve a slot online through mobile apps anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, they can also claim it easily without waiting in lines for assistance.

CVPS also provides a whole new parking experience for your customers, which gives you a competitive advantage. Here are some factors that make a customer’s parking experience a lot better than ever.

See Also

  • No more wasted time for your customers to look for the right spot to park around the area, which can save gas as a result.
  • No more scary, confusing, and inconvenient parking experience for your customers.
  • No need for your customers to be wandering around to find where their car is parked.
  • No more grumpy assistants who provide inconsistent service for your customers.
  1. Automated Reporting and Data Integration

With automated reporting and data integration, it is much easier for your business to track the necessary information and reports needed. This is helpful for companies to read real-time reports and other engagements.

  1. Front Desk Guest Arrival NotificationGetting notified whenever a guest arrives is essential for businesses. To know if the guest is already on its way or has arrived is vital to delivering quality service. CVPS’s purpose aligns with any business’s goal to promote exceptional service to its customers.
  2. A higher rate of customer satisfaction

CVPS promotes an excellent quality service to ensure the comfort and convenience of your customers when it comes to their parking experience. Quality service equals happy customers. Customer satisfaction is essential in any type of business. Having a high rate of customer satisfaction can attract more prospects and helps retain old ones.

The Bottom Line

CVPS can upgrade not just your personal experiences, but even your customers’ experiences in parking. The benefits and privileges that come with the use of it are overwhelming.

Many businesses may wary about change and shy away with new technological discoveries. However, trying something new does not always result in unfortunate outcomes. The risk and possible loss may be intimidating, but the rewards for being brave to take action is still mind-blowing. Thus, never be afraid of tomorrow that is yet to come. Do what intrigues you today.

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