Best Home Drug Test Reviews: Tips on How You can Pass a Drug Test

Best Home Drug Test Reviews_ Tips on how you can pass a drug test

For quite some time now, many employees have been failing their drug tests and are still failing despite the fact that they have been using different methods to try and help them pass the tests. We all know that failing a drug test can ruin your life and that’s why sometimes people get really mad or unhappy when the thought of taking a drug test crosses their mind.

Well, if you are a drug user, then you know just how important passing a drug test is. For those failing, maybe you are using the wrong methods, or you are doing the right thing but in a wrong way. Anyway, below are a few tips that can get you off the hook when you know you are going to take a drug test.

But before that, you should have in mind that drug tests are often used to know whether an individual has been using drugs has used drugs before but it won’t tell when you last used it. This, therefore, means that you can still have some chance to pass your drug test after staying a few days free of drugs.

However, there are certain substances like marijuana that can last longer in your body thus you can still test positive even after going for some days without using it. For casual or light users, it can take up to 30 days and up to 60 or more days for heavy users. Anyway, you might still have a chance if you do the following things. Click here to find out more about home drug tests.

  • Spend time wisely

If your workplace doesn’t have a tendency of ambushing their employees with a random drug test then most probably they will always let you know when the test is scheduled.

This will always give you a little time before you finally face the test. In such a situation, every little time you got usually counts thus you should try and make the most out of it.

You should stay away from all the drug substances and try to stay clean as possible at least until the test is over and you are clear. Any use of any drug substance during this period might ruin your chances of passing the test.  You can also try Synthetic urine to pass a drug test. You can find the best products for this on this website.

  • Try flushing your system

Water always come in handy right? You should try and drink more water before your test and about 6 to 8 glasses the morning before going for the test.

This usually helps in diluting the urine thus reducing the chances of you getting caught when testing your sample is finally tested. Well, this, however, might not work for the heavy drug users but is definitely worth trying out.

Also, do go drinking gallons of water as this might also cause you some problems. Most probably water intoxication.

  • Vitamin B

Of course, when you try to dilute your urine sample, it will lose its natural color and tend to appear clear than usual. This might raise an alarm and see the sample get rejected on the spot by the lab technicians as they mostly do.

This is why you need to put in some vitamin B supplements to try and get back the urine’s natural color thereby reducing the suspicion by the technicians. If after testing it still get rejected, you will have a few more days to try and get clean.

Best Home Drug Test Reviews_ Tips on how you can pass a drug test

  • Urinate frequently

Well, this might sound like a stupid move but desperate times usually call for desperate measures sometimes, right? Anyway, try and urinate as frequently as possible before taking the test as this will help you flush out the drug metabolites that may have remained in your body after using the drugs.

You can also use diuretic supplements or go for natural remedies like coffee, tea or cranberry juice as they can also help you use the washroom frequently in the morning before going for the test.

  • Try and see if you can pass the test

Actually, this might even boost your confidence to face the drug test. You can do this by taking a drug test at home by yourself. This is quite possible as you can just purchase a home drug test kit online or from a medical facility and test yourself.

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The same kits and methods you are using are the same methods the technician testing you will probably use and will most definitely give you the same results too.

Well, depending on the result you will get, you will probably know if you are ready for the test or if you need to take more action.


Whether we like it or not, drug tests will always continue to be there especially if it’s the company’s policy. This is why you need to be ready at all times not to be caught off guard.

The above tips might help you out but if done carefully and correctly. Other things might include finding a clean urine sample or even shaving the hair on your body if they are going to take your hair as a sample.

Well, if you have no air then you can’t go for the test, right? This will force them to look for another alternative or buy you some time until you can finally grow some hair again. If you know, you can’t go through all this, then you might as well abstain from drugs.

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