Broken Promises Excerpt #3

Broken Promises Excerpt #3

“Clumsy, huh?” I questioned, tilting close enough to take his bottom lip between my teeth and tug
gently. A sense of empowerment washed over me, and when I finally released him, I couldn’t help but
“Let me see . . . since you love it so much, maybe I should show you step by step what happened in
the shower.” I pretended I was deep in thought before glancing at him. He lay watching with an amused
smile as his fingers reached under my shirt and caressed the skin at my waist. His touch sent a tingling
flare through my body, heightening my awareness of him.
I grabbed his hands and placed them beside his head, giving it an extra push to show him this was
where I wanted them to stay.
“Now keep still,” I gently scolded. “If you don’t, I’m going to get distracted, and I’ll never be able to
show you. Now, where were we?” I settled on his hips, enjoying myself. Feigning a puzzled expression,
my eyes widened as I continued. “Oh, I remember. I was about to reenact the shower scene. Are you
His only answer was a brief nod as he moved into a more comfortable position. Just that small
movement created friction and my mouth went dry for a moment. If I didn’t keep focused, I wouldn’t be
able to continue this fun—the craving I had for him slowly building.
“I think it began when I did this.” With my weight pressed down on his body, I gyrated and a
small grunt escaped his lips. I smiled with satisfaction, enjoying the look of surprise on his face as I
continued. “Next I did something that looked a lot like . . .” I rotated my hips in a tight circle. “Or maybe
it was this?” I smirked, shaking my head in mock confusion. I swiveled the other way, wiggling in his lap
for extra emphasis. “No, it was definitely this.”
Repeating the first motion, he groaned out my name and reached to pull me closer. I could feel
how aroused he was, but I wasn’t completely done yet. I leaned forward and pushed his hands by his
head again, softly rebuking his impatience. Satisfied he’d obey, I continued.
“I kind of did this move then where I shook my behind,” I drawled lazily, my movements matching
what I was saying. “And then . . .”
“Enough!” Quinn roared, his patience snapping. He grabbed my hips and it took all my strength to
stop him from flipping me onto my back. I ground myself into him and finished unbuttoning his shirt,
sliding my hands over his body. “Want to know what I did next?” I whispered as I held myself still,
waiting for his response.
The look he gave me seared my insides, and I knew right then I had him. Kissing his chest, I looked
him straight in the eyes—the picture of seduction. Little did he know, I was about to strike.
Brief annoyance flared through me as I beat my palms on him. “I found myself lying on the bed
naked, my boyfriend complaining there wasn’t any food, and I’m wondering why he won’t touch me!”
I lifted my leg up, dragging it across his hardened body as I pulled away. I didn’t get far, however,
before I found myself securely underneath him, his body molding with mine.
“My turn,” Quinn whispered as he adjusted his weight. “You’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn.” He
brushed his lips over my cheek.

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