Buying SARMs Online and How Top Androgen Modulators Work


SARMs are also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, and they work pretty similarly to Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, but although they produce similar results, the methods they use to achieve them are different. Both work by binding themselves to the body’s androgenic receptors, then they increase the levels of testosterone in the body, a hormone that is famous for enhancing muscle growth, strength, energy, stamina, and endurance.

The thing about SARMs is that they try to focus on specific parts of the body whereas steroids can affect several areas, causing an incredible range of side-effects. Thanks to this, selective androgen receptor modulators can focus on a specific muscle without causing a chain reaction that would otherwise cause more harm than good. Most of the time, SARMs and anabolic steroids are injected, but nowadays you can find them as pills. The thing is: they are still illegal, and none of them have been approved to be consumed by humans without prescription.

You can still get them in online stores, but you have to understand that most of them are not approved by the FDA. 

Why Would Someone Use Them?

There’s a rare condition that can occur in adolescent males, and that’s testosterone deficiency. To put it simply, low levels of testosterone can affect how males develop during their puberty, and this can cause a lot of permanent side-effects. This is also known as testosterone deficiency syndrome and male hypogonadism, and you can learn more about it over here

Low levels of testosterone can affect sexual development as well as the maturing of male characteristics such as voice deepness, facial and pubic hair growth, infertility and low sexual drive. It can also affect the way muscles and bones develop, making them weaker. 

Men who have already surpassed their puberty but suffer from testosterone deficiency syndrome can suffer from other side-effects which include depression, tiredness, low quality of sleep, lack of motivation and focus, decreased sperm count or infertility, mood changes, complication to burn fat and gain muscle mass, and low sexual drive.

In men, suffering from this condition is quite common as we grow older, considering that testosterone levels start to drop once we reach a certain age. 

This can be treated with selective androgen receptor modulators and steroids since they boost testosterone levels and are often used for therapy. It’s also great for people who have lost muscle mass and bone strength over the years, or because of diseases like cancer, osteoporosis, and anemia. 

Why Athletes Use of SARMs

athletesThe reason why SARMs are becoming popular is that people have found in it a great solution to problems related to muscle mass growth and weight loss. Athletes use them to increase their physical performance as well as improve the results from workouts and training. Here’s a good example of this

This is possible because it leads to an enhancement of protein and nutrients absorption coming from food and a boost of muscle recovery. This process also makes it easier to burn fat and increase muscle mass instead, which can be great to gain or lose weight, depending on your workouts and diet. 

SARMs vs Steroids Side-Effects.

The thing about both drugs is that they haven’t been developed to be safe for use without a prescription. I mean, to use them to deal with the testosterone deficiency syndrome there’s a lot of tests that need to be done beforehand, and the patient will need to understand the possible risks that may arise from the therapy.

SARMs and steroids cause similar side-effects, but selective androgen receptor modulators work slower than steroids, thus, it takes longer for them to develop these side-effects. When we talk about physical appearance,  both can cause acne, hair loss, male breast, pubic hair, and facial hair growth, and in some extreme cases, testicle shrinking and an increase in the size of the prostate.

It’s also very likely to suffer from kidney and liver complications, urinary problems, infertility, and low sperm count, headaches, depression, irritability, aggressive behavior, mood swings, lack of sleep, tiredness and muscle pain. 

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This leads to the next question: Are SARMs worth trying? 

Well, in my personal opinion, I can be sure that under any circumstances I would try them out. I mean, some of those side-effects can be permanent and might affect the way I live my life. 

Of course, some athletes and bodybuilders might think differently, and consider that the risk is worth the shot because of how amazing the benefits are for muscle-training and sports. 

Some people have claimed that you can reduce the risks of suffering from side-effects if you are careful about them and notice them as early as possible. Once they start to pop-up, quitting them as soon as possible will reduce the chances of suffering from health complications.

SARMs are also way weaker in comparison to anabolic-androgenic steroids, making it possible to use them for a longer time without encountering any of these side-effects. Still, they can cause them and you should be very careful about it.

Healthy Alternatives

If you are still interested in achieving these benefits, you can still increase your testosterone levels without risking your health. And that’s possible if you lead a healthy lifestyle with a diet based on proteins, carbs, and healthy fats, as well as healthy sleeping routines, and enough muscle and aerobic training. Here’s a guide that can help you achieve this. If you add supplements to these lifestyle changes and you reduce your stress levels as much as possible, you’ll benefit so much from it that you’ll notice a big difference during the first two weeks.

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