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Chile is a great place to visit if you are planning a trip to South America post quarantine. With beautiful landscapes and wild charm, Chile has a lot to offer. 

From volcanoes to penguins, caves to coastlines, forests to deserts, Chile is a wanderer’s paradise. You can trek, hike, swim, walk, or simply relax and take in the beauty that this land has to offer.

Here we bring to you some of the best places to visit when in Chile.

  • Puerto Rio Tranquillo – Marble Caves

Located in Chile’s Patagonia region, in the middle of General Carrera Lake, these beautiful caves are accessible by a boat or kayak. The stunning Marble Caves with their outer-worldly structures have formed over the last 6000 years as the water melted from the nearby glaciers. 

The glacial water filled up General Carrera Lake, and the water washed up against the solid rocks gradually, carved out intricate caverns, columns, and tunnel systems. 

With colorful patterns and the water with its brilliant turquoise blue, Marble Caves attract visitors from all across the globe despite the difficulty in its accessibility given the remote location.

  • Futaleufú

Situated in the central region of the Andes mountain, Futaleufú is a beautiful destination that translates to a “big river” in Mapuche. A true paradise for lovers of extreme sports, this river ranks among the three best rivers for kayaking and rafting in the world. Are you ready to take the challenge?

You can also enjoy leisurely walks around the paths winding through the Futaleufu National Reserve, which protects two incredible species of the area: the Andean Cypress and the shy huemul. This endemic deer is also Chile’s national animal.

  • Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine

One of the finest in Patagonian destinations, Puerto Natales, is one of the most stunning geographical locations in Chile. You can enjoy the seashore, old ranches, and the rugged mountains dotting the region. 

The biggest attraction of the region is the Torres del Paine and Bernardo O’Higgins National Parks. The mesmerizing topography of the surrounding mountains, the fjords, streams, glaciers, as well as the beautiful lakes, together with the dynamic weather conditions, make this region worth your visit.

  • Pucón – Villarrica Volcano

It is an active volcano and is a once in a lifetime experience. The picturesque landscape and the history of the place will captivate you.

You can choose from the multiple walking trails within Villarrica National Park that will take you to various regions around the rims of the volcano, with stunning views. 

See Also

  • San Pedro de Atacama – Atacama Desert

Located in the north of Chile, the Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth. The desert stretches for about 1,200 kilometers to the northern border with Peru.

The Atacama Desert offers spectacular landscapes along with unlimited opportunities for you to explore on foot, horseback, bike, or car.

  • Punta Arenas – Isla Magdalena

If you love penguins and dolphins, then you should make a stop here, when in Chile. Home to more than 20000 Magellanic penguins, this island will leave you amazed.

Isla Magdalena is about 16 nautical miles from Punta Arenas and is a protected area within the Los Pingüinos covering an area of ??97 hectares, including the small island Marta.

Final Words

Chile is a beautiful and dynamic country with a rich natural heritage. So soak in all the gorgeous delights this country has to offer and enjoy your Chilean holiday to the fullest!

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