Camping Tips: Things To Know Before You Go

Camping Tips: Things To Know Before You Go

To have a successful camping trip, you will want to plan for an adventure. This may be hiking, swimming, or just enjoying the great outdoors. You will also need to work out the basics. A comfortable place to sleep, a convenient bathroom, a way to cook and a place to lounge will need to be figured out before you leave on your camping trip.

What Temperatures Are You Facing?

What is the hottest daytime temp you’ll face? You may want to invest in a shade awning or a screen tent depending on the amount of sun you’ll be getting, the bug population and the goals of your fellow campers. You will also want plenty of sunscreen, shade hats, and footwear to protect from the heat of rocks and sand.

How cold will it get at night? If the coldest temps don’t hit until just before dawn, you’ll need a variety of sleeping bag weights to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Depending on the space you have in your traveling packs or vehicle, the ability to carry two sleeping bags per person may be limited.

Water and Food

Being hungry may leave you grumpy and feeling weak, but going without water can kill you. How much water will you bring per person? Experts recommend bringing 2 liters of water per person per day, more if you’re going to be hiking in the heat. Two kilograms per person per day can be a lot of weight if you’re planning to tent camp at the end of a long hike. Plan your routes with care.

Will you be cooking? Unless you’ve cooked on a portable camping stove before, it’s a good idea to test drive your gear at home. Find a local park or sit out on your patio while you make coffee, herbal tea or boil water for oatmeal.

House Yourselves Wisely

Camping gadgets are fun! Everything is compact and very portable, so it can be tempting to overload your packs or overbuy on tents and awnings. Figure out what you need for this trip and visit Camp Smart to fill out your gear needs. Here you’ll find what you need to shield yourselves from the sun, set up a shower and create your camping home, whether you’re in an RV or a tent.

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Final Thoughts

The right gear, properly handled, can be the difference between a great camping trip and the very last, ever, final camping trip. If you’re new to the process, go slowly, Rather than hiking out for a tenting overnight, consider renting a pop-up and staying at a park until you all have the hang of it and are interested in getting a bit further off the beaten path.


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