Helpful Tips On Handling A Broken Tooth

Helpful tips on handling a broken tooth

Even though all of us are busy with our professional or social lives, the dental experience is never fun. Especially when it comes along with life disruption and a lot of pain. One thing to notice is that such emergencies mostly occur during the weekends or holidays and even though most of us never miss our dental appointments because we want to avoid an emergency, there is still no 100% guarantee of such an emergency not occurring. So, the best backup if to have a reliable dentist to pull you out of the jam. 

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Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth, which is also its hardest part and the hardest material in the body. The purpose of the enamel is to cover the blood vessels and nerve tissues in the tooth’s inner part. One of the main reasons for tooth decay and toothache is a cavity. A bad cavity can even end up breaking the tooth. However, biting too hard, loose fillings and accidents can also result in the enamel cracking. It is a painful process and needs to be treated by a professional, a dentist, so any further problems can be readily avoided and dealt with in time. However, there are a few things that you can do yourself to take care of the toothache and symptoms. 

Symptoms Of A Broken Tooth And Handling Them

It is not necessary for a broken tooth to always hurt because the pain can be temporary. The issue is that if the nerves or tooth dentin has been exposed after the tooth breaks, it may cause a lot of pain from cold drinks and adjacent food items. Moreover, if the broken tooth has now become edgy and sharp, it can damage your tongue in cheek as well. Until you are able to see a dentist, you can do a couple of things yourself which can reduce the pain of the broken tooth. You must bear in mind that these treatments are only temporary and you will ultimately need to consult a dentist for the broken tooth. 

Clean Your Mouth By Rinsing

Every time you eat, you need to clean your mouth gently by rinsing it to make sure no debris remains. The best option is to use saline or warm water for this as they lower the pain. An equal mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide would work too. 

Ice For Swelling Treatment

If the tooth has broken during an accident and the area around the injury on your face has started to swell, take an ice cube and gently rub it on the affected area with a 15-minute interval until you notice the swelling starting to decrease. A cold pack with a towel can also be used. Make sure you hold it over the swollen part of the face. If the swelling and broken tooth is a result of a sports injury, the swelling could take a few days to reduce. 

Use Gauze For Blood Treatment

If the tooth has broken during a sports accident and the affected area is bleeding, use a clean gauze and place it near or over the injury to soak the blood. Change the gauze when it is full of blood. 

Watch What You Eat

As mentioned above, the nerves may have been exposed due to the broken tooth and certain foods (cold beverages) could cause a lot of pain as the nerves are sensitive to temperature. 

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A few things that you definitely need to avoid are listed below:

  • Coffee, alcohol and acidic beverages
  • Cold beverages
  • Cereal or nuts that could get stuck in the broken tooth and cause pain
  • Chewy eatables which require pressure from the broken tooth such as gum or jerky
  • Fruits with seeds which could also get stuck in the broken tooth
  • Sweetened foods which can speed up the decay process of the broken teeth


For the time being, you should go for soft and nutritious foods that can satisfy your craving without causing further damage to the broken tooth. 

Use The Other Side Of Your Mouth To Chew

While chewing the food, try to keep it away from the affected area and chew it on the other side of the mouth to avoid excessive pressure on the affected tooth. If the pain in the broken tooth is too much to bear, you can use painkillers to decrease the pain but you should follow the directions on the label or as prescribed by the doctor. Ibuprofen and adjacent medicines are anti-inflammatory which can relieve the pain temporarily. You should avoid putting the pain medicine directly on the affected area or the gums because it could potentially burn the tissue. Medicines should also be handled with care in the case of children. Keep in mind that all of the above treatments are only temporary and short-term solutions. If the broken tooth is the result of a traumatic injury, seek immediate medical attention from an Emergency dentist is highly recommended. 

According to Dr. Val Daniyar, an emergency dentist from Naples, FL, Dr. Val Daniyar, a dental emergency can occur unanticipatedly, that is why it is necessary to have a reliable dentist to pull you out of the jam. While the degree of pain can vary for every one of us, a number of factors can lead to finding emergency help when the pain or the condition becomes unbearable. Recent studies show that dentistry, like all the other professions, has evolved and gone much further. The Naples dental services have now turned into specialties and dentists are now considered as the physicians of the mouth. Why not? They definitely fulfill all the requirements. From the restoration of teeth to bone integration implants and cosmetic facial fillers, all of the treatments require extensive knowledge about each one of them along with professional skills.

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