The Best Tips That Will Help You Create a Custom T-Shirt

The best tips that will help you create a custom t-shirt

Do you want to find a cool t-shirt design template? Perhaps you need an idea for your new custom-made t-shirt? If that is the case, you’ve come to the right place!

While we won’t necessarily give you a template per se, we will give you lots of different ideas that will help you create your own. Keep in mind that this process is very intricate; while it looks easy on the first glance, there are lots of things you need to keep in mind. Custom clothing creation is much more complex than you think and if you rush ahead, without knowing the basics, you might get disappointed with the whole process and never order again.

Here are some of the main things you need to keep in mind when creating one of these t-shirts! Read on!

  • Think before doing

Ok, we get it. You want to create the best t-shirt possible and you want to have it as soon as possible. Not so fast! There are lots of designs out there and by going with the first one that pops in your mind, you omit all other great templates. Make sure to browse a bit before committing. There are lots of different pics on the web that you can use to this end. If you’re good at drawing or if you know someone who is, perhaps it’s even better to ask him or her to make a drawing for you. This way, you will have a unique item that nobody else has!

  • Go beyond the comfort zone

Most people will pick a template that is near and dear to them.

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This might be something from a movie, cartoon, a celebrity or perhaps from a favorite sport like poker t shirt design. This is totally fine. You need stuff that you can emotionally relate to. But at the same time, are you sure this is something you want? People usually go with their instinct and choose the first thing they remember. However, what if there are some cool stuff, some moments from your past that you forgot and would like to have close to you? You will always remember your favorite football club but will you remember your first kiss? you can make your own custom made t shirts online that will remind you of those moments.
  • Go easy with the complexity

T-shirts sold in the stores are usually very boring. They go with some generic signs and images thus trying to appeal to everyone. But that is not you. You need something that is according to your character. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with patterns and colors. Sometimes, due to excess enthusiasm, customers will get the most complex image there is. This can totally ruin the shirt and you will end with some mass on your chest. Instead, go with something that is less complex but tells the story better. 

  • Always go with cotton and proper size

When you check one of the numerous stores that make custom t-shirts, you might notice various options at your disposal. Unfortunately, not everyone will have different sizes and t-shirt types. Make sure to find a store that does and that can create an item based on your measurements. When it comes to fabric, we recommend that you always go with cotton. This material is best for printing giving you not only the best results but also ensuring that the image will stay put for a longer period of time. Given that full cotton is a bit expensive and not everyone will be willing to buy it, you can go with polyester-cotton mixture.

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