Cancer Treatments – Where Will They Be In 10 Years’ Time?

Cancer Treatments - Where Will They Be In 10 Years' Time?

We’ve been fighting cancer for generations, and it seems like we are still no closer to eradicating this awful disease for good. Even though science and treatments have come on a long way, we are still surprisingly far away from discovering or developing the final cure. But is that really the case?

Cancer Treatments - Where Will They Be In 10 Years' Time? 

In fact, lots of cancer experts believe that we are ever so close to getting to the point where will have a cure for the disease. Hopefully, in the not too far off future, we will be able to put an end to cancer, just like we have eradicated the likes of Scarlet Fever and polio. Actually, some experts believe that we are about five or ten years away from discovering the cure!

One thing’s for sure, cancer treatment and diagnosis have certainly improved over the past couple of decades, and it looks like things are set to improve even further over the next ten years. Here are some forecasts of where we might be in another decade.

Survival Rates Will Continue To Increase

Thankfully, the numbers of people who survive a cancer diagnosis and go into remittance after the disease will increase over the next few years. That’s because medical developments mean that diagnosing the disease in the early stages will become easier to do. That gives doctors the chance to start treatment on the disease before it spreads too far and becomes incurable. However, even though survival rates will increase, so too will the number of patients who are diagnosed with the disease. But that is just because the population is getting older and people are living for longer, which increases the risk of cancer developing in old age.

Cancer Treatments - Where Will They Be In 10 Years' Time? 100%

Xenografts Will Be Much More Widely Used

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Xenografts are a relatively new technology that is going to revolutionize the treatment processes and methods for a variety of treatments for numerous health conditions, especially cancer. If you read Hera BioLabs and check out their website, you will find out how rat xenografts are set to take over cancer treatments. All a xenograft is basically a transplant from a donor from a different species. In the case of the Hera Biolabs, the donors are rats. So, in the future, rats might become extremely important in cancer treatments!

New Treatments Will Be Fine Tuned

Of course, xenografts aren’t the only new treatments that are being pioneered. Over the next few years, there is very little doubt that these will be improved and fine tuned so that they are able to always bring the best possible results and outcomes. These include treatments such as targeted therapies and immunology. Not only will they be greatly improved, though, but they will be rolled out on a wider scale. Right now these treatments are only available in a few hospitals. However, it’s hoped that they will be soon available on every cancer ward in every hospital in the country.

As you can see, there is a lot to be hopeful for when it comes to the next ten years of cancer treatments.

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