Careers that Could Earn You Citizenship in the United States

Careers that could earn you citizenship in the United States

The United States of America, also known as the land of opportunities, is a dreamland for so many people all over the world. But to live the American dream, one needs to be a citizen of the country. Thus a lot of foreigners do find a way to become a US citizen. Becoming a US citizen is not an easy task as it requires hard work, discipline, and good conduct. Some careers could earn one the US citizen that a lot of people do not know about but instead they tend to waste their time and energy just because they want to become an American. Apart from career, there are other pathways to becoming a US citizen that include; 

Marriage – falling in love is not a crime in every part of the world that includes the United States. A lot of immigrants in the United States do fall in love with a citizen of the country; therefore, becoming a citizen of the country. This is very common among young immigrants because they are prone to finding love. To use this as a medium of becoming a US citizen, there must not be an atom of a doubt what so ever doing the interview. Also, the couple must have lived for a minimum of three years.

Honorary – this is for special people that have done special and outstanding things for the United States and the world as a whole. This type of citizenship is not just issues to everybody. Thus only a few people that have made the world and America proud are entitled to it. Few world heroes like Nelson Mandela and other great individuals are US citizens not because they were born in the country but because they have made the world proud. 

Birth – one of the easiest ways of becoming a US citizen is by birth. A lot of American has been able to claim the status because they were given birth in the country. No matter your parent’s immigration status in the United States, so far you were born in the country, you are automatically a citizen of the US. This is a way that a lot of immigrants use to give their children citizenship status. To some, it is a way of giving their kids a better future. Is this true? Well, it may be true, especially if the parents are from any of the underdeveloped or some developing countries. But the parents must be law-abiding citizens. Also, there are some steps that one could take that will give one’s child US citizenship.

Naturalization – this is another good way that some individuals have used in the past to become a US citizen. Although it is a sure way of becoming a citizen, it takes time. Naturalization takes a minimum of five years of constant stay in the US. During this period, the candidate must not be involved in any activity that is against US law. It should be noted that keeping clean records in the US will help.

If you are planning to immigrate to the USA, you will need the USA ESTA or a visa. Therefore, check if your country is among the Visa waiver program countries before applying for the ESTA. Citizens of ESTA VWP countries are required to apply for the ESTA.

Careers that could earn one the US citizenship

Why will you want to go through the different steps of becoming a US citizen when you could be a citizen through your career. There are some jobs that the United States cherishes so much. This type of jobs can get one the citizenship if one follows the right steps. Below are some of the careers that you should consider if you are planning to become a US citizen.

Medical – if you are in the medical line and you want to immigrate to another country, then the US should be your target. There are lots of spaces that need professionals to fill them up in the US. If you are a physician or a nurse, you should consider relocating to the US.

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Computer science – if your career is related to computer science, then you might be so lucky to become a US citizen. There are lots of companies in the US that are looking for computer scientists. If you think you are good enough, then you should try immigrating to the United States.

Sport – why are you wasting your talent when the United States appreciates talents? If you are extremely good at any sport, then you should consider the United States. 

America is a great country with lots of beautiful things and places; thus if you want to become a citizen, you should be of good conduct and never misuse the opportunity.


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