Caught up in a Collision? Remember these Important Steps

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You were minding your own business, being a careful driver when suddenly you found yourself being shunted across the road by someone else. The other driver says it was your fault when you know that it wasn’t! And now you’re in physical pain, emotional distress and you don’t know what to do for the best. As mentioned here, you should consider a lawyer who can present defensive statements against the defaulting party and help you get a claim for your personal injury. Instead of allowing these emotions to get the better of you, get in touch with to speak with their team of personal injury lawyers.

So, if you’ve been caught up in a crash, what should you do next? Of course, seeking medical attention and help for your passengers is paramount, but what else should you do in this stressful scenario? It’s easy to get distracted in the aftermath of a car accident, so here I’ve detailed some important steps to remember after a collision.

Contact the police

In many countries, it’s a legal requirement to contact the police after a road collision. Even if the other driver is adamant that the police don’t need to be called, you should do so without question. When the police arrive at the scene, they’ll take down relevant information and create a police report which details the specifics of the crash and how they think it occurred. Their conclusion can be used in your personal injury case to bring clarity to the events that led up to the accident. It’ll also help you when you file your insurance claim.

Speak with the witnesses

Did someone else see what happened? Another driver? A cyclist, or a pedestrian? Their testimony could dramatically improve your legal standing and provide solid evidence that you are a competent driver and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the scene of the crash, try to speak with witnesses and get their contact details – your attorney should do the rest.

Video footage

These days cameras are everywhere. And they could be the lifeline you need to prove what happened.  Dashcam footage, CCTV on nearby premises or even a smartphone recording – any kind of video evidence available should be collected.

Take pictures

Taking pictures at the scene of the crash is sensible. But don’t let the other driver intimidate you into keeping your camera in your pocket. Photograph everything you think is relevant. The damage on both vehicles, the skid marks on the tarmac, the final position of the vehicles, even potholes or something you think may have contributed to the accident. If you’re too injured to handle this, ask someone to help you.

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Don’t be intimidated

Frightened, in shock and in pain, you’re incredibly vulnerable right now. However, despite your current emotional state, don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the other driver. If they know they’re at fault they may try to put pressure on you to take the blame or to not call the police. Always use your best judgment and remember, you don’t have to discuss what happened at all.

Call a lawyer

Reaching out to a personal injury lawyer should be your next step. Do this as soon as possible.

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