Challenges of Getting your Child In to Private School

Challenges of Getting your Child In to Private School

If you have the idea of the kind of school you want, or you have already researched some specific private schools that you like the look of for your child or toddler in newmarket, then you are one step ahead. However, from selecting the perfect fit for your child to getting them admitted to a school – you will find that there are some challenges on the way. Here we outline some of them to get you prepared.

Choosing the Right School

This is the first step, but potentially the most difficult one.  There are lots of different options when it comes to selecting a private school, and you need to make sure you select the right one for you and your family.  It’s a good idea to do a search on Google and identifying some of your top picks. Start by making a list of what your requirements are so you can begin to narrow the field when you figure out which ones best it in.  Make sure you begin to follow them on social media too, so you get a better idea of what their activities are on a day to day basis.

Fitting Visits In

To really get a feel for what the school is like, you should try to schedule in a visit wherever possible.  You should allow a couple of hours for every school that is on your list. Normally you can fit it into your morning or afternoon – but for time purposes, this is why you need to drill down on your list.  Schools like Folsom Prep will be happy to arrange this with you.  If you take a look at this private school in Folsom as an example, you’ll see that you can arrange a “discovery day” with them that enables you and your child to see if it’s a good fit. This will give you the chance to meet some of the teachers that could be in charge of educating your child – as well as get a realistic vision of the surroundings.  

The Admissions Process

After you have made your visits, you are then ready to select which schools you would like to be applying to.  Although you might think it will be a long and arduous process to complete, make sure you schedule them in as soon as you can to get your application in and register your interest.  Try not to leave it until the last possible minute. Nobody likes paperwork, but it is a necessary evil of getting your child into the right school.

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Prepare to be Waitlisted

If you get accepted into your first choice then that’s great news, and if not – don’t worry there will be other options that are suitable.  With some of the most popular schools, your child could be waitlisted. At this point, you will have a decision to make as to where you would like to hold out for acceptance or not.  This is why it’s critical you find out what works for you and your child.

If you were wondering what to expect when applying for a private school – then hopefully you will be a little more prepared now.  The most important thing is to do as much research as you can on the possible schools you will be applying for.

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