Child-Friendly Cat and Dog Breeds

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All people like animals, and most of them adopt pets. Dogs and cats are the most popular types of pets. However, some people refuse to adopt pets due to different reasons. The fear that a pet will attack a small kid is one of the reasons. 

Well, there are some breeds of cats and dogs well like kids and will protect them only. Scroll down the post and find the most child-friendly species. 

Child-Friendly Cat Breeds

Cats are a perfect choice if you live in an apartment and don’t have enough time to care for your pet. These animals are very independent. Cats require a litter box and bowls with water and food. Also, they need some attention and will warm your lap in reward. 


This breed of cats has an average size, short hair, and unique coloration. They are very active and playful. Therefore, your kids will be able to play with a cat. Moreover, Abyssinian cats are very intelligent, so that you can even train them. 

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is a very big and long-hair breed of cats. Despite their size and angry look, they are very patient and friendly to small kids. Also, they are playful and can entertain your kid. They stay calm even when children grab them. 


This breed is also larger than average cats. They have short hair and brown color with black spots. Unlike Maine Coon, they are very active and require a lot of space to release their energy. Anyway, this breed is one of the most kid-friendly types of cats. 


Siamese cats have unique coloration and a very sweet nature. They like spending time with people and never attack them. Moreover, they prefer sleeping with kids. 

If you want a Siamese cat to be the best friend to your kid, adopt a kitten. Note, baby-cats should be fed with special food to grow strong and healthy. The best kitten food reviews will help you pick the top meal for a baby-cat. 


This breed is unique. They have long hair and cute faces. Also, Persian cats have a calm temperament. They like passing their time with people and will never be angry with kids. They will also follow you at home and watch what you’re doing.


Siberian cats are medium size and semi-long hair. These cats have a kind temperament. They are patient and easily adapt to any environment. They also are hypoallergenic so that you can adopt them with no caution that a cat may cause allergic reactions in your family members.


The distinctive characteristic of this breed is the absence of a tail. These cats are very active, so they will likely jump on shelves and doors. They like playing with a tease-wand and other fetching games. Also, the tail’s absence won’t bring the opportunity to catch and pull it to kids. 

Child-Friendly Dog Breeds

If you’re a dog-lover and have a lot of spare time and space, feel free to adopt this type of pet. A dog will guard your home and become your family member. Dogs always share their unconditional love with all family members. 


It is a breed of small and long-haired dogs. They are very kind and can hardly spend a lot of time alone. Also, this breed should always be well-groomed. Therefore, if you lack time to wash your pet every day, check out species. 


Havanese dogs have become very popular in the last decade, especially among families with kids. This breed is very intelligent. They will never leave children alone and will do their best to protect them. 

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German Shepherd

It is a very popular breed. German Shepherds are big and intelligent dogs. Also, they are avid learners. Therefore, you can train this breed very fast. Despite the fierce look, they are very kind to children and other family members. If you want them to be strong and healthy, you have to feed them with the top rated dog foods and always do a lot of exercises with them. 


Pugs are merely a combination of cuteness and kindness. They are also very playful and hate staying alone. Thereupon, they will constantly entertain your kid. 

Golden Retriever

This breed is big with bright golden hair. They are very active and playful. It is a very social breed that adores playing outdoor games. They also have a high level of intellect so that you can easily train them. 


It is a breed that likes fun and looks cute. They are small and active, so you have to be prepared to release all the energy. Despite the cuteness, poodles are also very clever. You can easily manage their behavior and teach them new commands. 


Beagles are very gentle and sweet dogs. They are small, short-hair, and cute. However, they are very active. Therefore, you need to have a lot of space for them or go outside and do a lot of exercises with beagles. 

Final Words

Cats are meticulous groomers and self-reliant pets. Dogs are active, responsible, and cheerful. However, there is no need to choose between cats and dogs if you have a lot of space. Adopt a cat with a dog and teach them to get along with each other to enlarge your family.

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