Cognitive Ability Tests – a Reliable Way to Hire the Right People

cognitive ability tests

The basic role of a recruiter is to assess the candidates for a particular job and predict how well they will be able to perform in case they are hired by a particular organization. To make this process easy and efficient the cognitive ability test helps a lot. This is a general mental ability test and is considered to be the most effective predictor of the job performance of the potential employee of the organization. This has been accepted in all the industries and at all the levels of the organizations and has helped a lot to build great careers in every field.

The cognitive ability test is a type of pre-employment test which is done to measure the cognitive skills of the applicants. The test includes a wide range of mental processes such as working with numbers, problem-solving skills, ability to grasp the knowledge and implement it and many more things. This ability helps to predict how well the employee will follow the instructions and communicate with the co-workers if he or she is selected to work for a particular organization. This is considered to be the best predictor of job success of people and top employers in every industry rely on such tests.

 Some of the advantages associated with implementing such tests have been mentioned as follows:

 Number one: help to predict the job performance of candidates: The cognitive ability test is a reliable and best predictor of the job performance of a candidate regarding various roles and responsibilities. People who use such tests and then employ people have a 24% more chance to hire people who will perform as per the expectations of the company.

 Number two: these tests are highly reliable: the cognitive ability test is the most precise and reliable test which can help to assess the attitude of the applicant. This test is reliable in terms of the actual job performance of the candidate in comparison to the set performance standard for him or her. In case the recruiters implement the cognitive ability test in the recruitment strategy then they can make better and more informed decisions.

 Number three: these are very easy to implement and operate: because of the advent of modern technology the cognitive ability test is very easy to implement. There is no need to mark using papers and pens. The pre-employment tools make it very easy for the recruiters to check and operate such tests online which helps to simplify the whole process of selection for the candidates.

 Number four: these tests are not much expensive: another added advantage to the above-mentioned ones is the cost factor associated with the test. The companies can pay per test or they can also go with the option of buying the annual subscription of the particular software which will help to conduct various tests. There is no need to invest money in the assessment centers and all the procedures can be done online very easily.

 Using such tests can be highly valuable for the recruiting process of the organizations. Further, it helps to enhance the accuracy level of the employment decisions and help to save a lot of time for the organizations.

 Some of the best practices adopted by the companies have been mentioned as follows:

 Number one: it helps to measure all the things which have a direct relation with the job: one must implement the test in such a manner that all the relevant assessments are made and tasks related to specific positions should be undertaken to simplify the process. People must also take into consideration some of the jobs which require basic testing whereas other jobs need assessment of tasks properly and comprehensively to accurately predict the performance.

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 Number two: there must be a proper consideration of the adverse impact: while implementing the cognitive ability test the organizations must also keep an eye on the adverse impact of the whole process. This is referred to the negative effect which the selection will have on the group of people. Various measures must be taken to minimize the adverse impacts and highlight the positive effects of the whole process so that the whole selection process is highly efficient.

 Number three: the process must be transparently related to candidates: the organizations must try up to the best possible extent to be transparent with the candidates. People must make it very much clear for the reasons to adopt and use the cognitive ability test, modes of data collection, the scoring system as all such things will have a direct impact on the process of selection. In case one is transparent it will also help to minimize all the legal issues which can arise from the process of testing.

 Number four: it can help to use the scores as a guide: the cognitive ability testing can be described as the most essential part of the screening process. But such a process is never a guarantee that the selected person will be best in terms of skills and will lead to positive results for the organization. The cognitive ability test is only a guide to the decisions of hiring but one must never be trusted very much blindly, and it can be combined with other assessment methods to make the best decisions.

 Number five: it will help to make the assessment procedure very much interesting: The cognitive ability test will make the whole procedure fun-loving and interactive as compared to the traditional methods of assessment. People can improve their experience using such tests and there will be a good level of frankness among the candidates and the organizations using these tests. People can also include activities like puzzle solving to make sure that the whole process is validated and highly efficient.

 When such tests are implemented in the right way it can add greater value to the organizations by improving the quality of higher made side-by-side affecting the recruitment process. In case one wants to get the most out of the process of recruitment then one must use it for every organization be it of any nature or size.

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