Combat Winter Blues with a Little Green Therapy

Combat Winter Blues

Don’t be afraid to brave the outside and get back into your gardening even during these hard winter months! Your yard is your own little green space and giving it a sprucing up is a satisfying way to tackle those winter blues. Here are some quick and easy tips to keep those green thumbs busy.

Lawn care

Take care when weeding and removing unwanted mess such as moss and leaves. Most of these can be removed by hand but be sure to use gloves, if not tools or spray. When mowing the lawn itself it’s advisable to cut one-third of the length of the grass, in order to optimize healthy regrowth. Choosing the right string trimmer for this job is something to consider. I’ve looked around online and seems to have the most detailed review. I was sold by one of their reviews on a Honda string trimmer. It has been 4 years and we never ran to any problems with it. Maintaining the appropriate drainage can also be fundamental, there are further services and tools to help you with this. If you’re motivated enough to DIY this one, you can dig out your own trenches with a shovel and trench hoe, and get rid of unwanted clay and dirt. Alternatively, try a drainage service suggested here It’s recommended as well to skip your watering cycle as often as needed if you have a lot of rainfall.

Combat winter blues Get planting!


There’s no time of year when you need to take a break from planting, you don’t need to leave your yard an empty, baron land during the winter! Bulbs, such as tulips, irises, and snowdrops are a safe bet to start, make sure to remove and ice and snow before planting and they can even start off in leaves or mulch if the ground is too hard, then eventually you can dig them down deeper. Don’t stop there as there are also many cool-season crops which you can sow in winter to get ready for spring, and you can even buy the seeds online here Winter is the best season to prune your existing shrubs as it’s the least likely time to attract insects and contract diseases.



Combat winter blues

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Wild visitors

Why not set up a bird feeder? These little guys struggle in winter just like the rest of us so how about leaving them a few snacks like dried fruit and oatmeal and some water. A fun and eco-friendly way to DIY your own bird feeder is to use a plastic bottle, see this video, or alternatively there are many charming options here. While attracting some wildlife is a delightful way to get in touch with nature there can be some unwanted visitors. Pests can have a detrimental effect on the natural flourishing of your plants and grass and can even bring in weeds and transmit diseases.  If you can’t cope with these pesky intruders yourself try a pest control service. From insects to rodents or even snakes, there are several means in place to help you deal with them in the most efficient and humane way possible. 

So cheer up guys! Hopefully, you can find some inspiration to get back out there and put your green thumbs to good use. 


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