Could Working From Home be Affecting Your Senses?

Could Working From Home be Affecting Your Senses?

Working from home can be great. It can give you much more flexibility than you’d ever get working outside of the house. Working from home gives you the chance to be there for your family, and keep up with other commitments. It means that you can do things your own way, and set your own routines. Working from home can be an excellent chance to create something for yourself, working in comfort. 

But it’s not all great. Many people that work from home struggle with their mental health. They get stressed out and lonely, working on their own for so much of the day. They miss colleagues. If you work from home, you might struggle to get enough exercise and fresh air. Your diet might suffer, and many homeworkers gain weight. But, have you considered how it might affect your sense, or what you could do to limit any impact?


Could Working From Home be Affecting Your Senses?

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If you work from home, you might spend a lot of time on a computer, or looking at another screen. This can be bad for your eyesight, and over time you might start to notice that when you look up from the screen or go outdoors, you can’t see as clearly. Or that you start to experience headaches caused by eye strain. 

The best ways to combat this are to take regular breaks from work and to get yearly sight checks. 


Silence is often a problem for homeworkers. If you are used to working with or around other people, or in a busy office, you might be used to the sounds of the outside world. You might find it hard to focus when things are silent. This can mean that your hearing doesn’t get used enough. 

Some of us combat this by working with music or the TV on in the background. You might wear headphones and turn the volume up too loud, which can cause long term damage. If you are worried about your hearing, look at ListenLively hearing devices for help. 

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Poor circulation can start to affect your sense of touch. You might find that when you are cold if your blood is having trouble reaching your extremities, your fingers feel numb, tingly, or even painful. Short term, this can make it hard to work, but long-term could cause more lasting damage. 

Working from home can hurt your circulation, especially if it’s something that you’ve always struggled with. If you spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk, poor circulation can become a problem. To combat this, get up and walk. Take regular breaks and go for short walks throughout the day. Even if you are just jumping on the spot while the kettle boils, it will give your circulation a boost. Then, try to go for a long walk or practice another cardio exercise at least three times a week. 


Working from home might not directly affect your sense of taste. But, you certainly won’t be challenging your taste buds if you are reaching for bland, easy snacks throughout the day. Prepare healthy, tasty snacks to give your taste buds a treat and try to practice eating mindfully

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