Deep Sleep and Deep Research Go Together: Be Sure to Do Your Homework When Choosing a New Mattress

Deep Sleep and Deep Research Go Together: Be Sure to Do Your Homework When Choosing a New Mattress

Mattresses can be so expensive; that’s why we really don’t look forward to replacing them. Yet at some point, the discomfort and lack of quality rest is going to send you over the edge to any old mattress store. For a species which spends a third of their lives in bed, we sure aren’t choosy enough when it comes to where we lie down. Here are a few things to consider when you’re in the market for a new mattress.


What your mattress is made of isn’t just some textile preference. Pillow tops sound great, because we love pillows, but it might be too cushiony for someone with back problems.

Ask yourself what your biggest problems are with the comfort of your current mattress, as this will help you decide what material you need. If you get very hot at night, you may want an innovated memory foam or coil mattress.

The coil mattress is rather traditional, but if you want the bounciness, as well as firm support, it should definitely be on your radar.

If coils are too old school for you, and memory foam isn’t supportive enough, try out a latex mattress. Latex mattresses provide many of the benefits of a coil mattress without the wear issues (the odd sprung coil, coils poking through the fabric of mattress).

If you need it all, or want something that sounds more customized to your issues, there are a range of hybrid mattresses out today.


The internet has really changed how we buy everything, including large investment pieces like mattresses. These days, it’s simple enough to get an affordable foam mattress delivered to your door, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice.

All told, you should spend between five hundred and a thousand dollars. If you go to a mattress store, you can easily spend more than that, although the higher price isn’t always an indication of higher quality. It can be more about the struggling status of brick-and-mortar mattress stores.

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So if your nearest stores have higher prices, how in the world do you test a mattress you read about online?


It begins with a warranty and a return policy. Online mattress companies often let you try their beds for a month or more before deciding if you want to keep it. If you won’t buy without a warranty, make sure it covers a good portion of the eight to ten years a mattress should last.

Now it’s time for the big show: comprehensive mattress reviews. You will have to read every review you can before clicking “add to cart”. Don’t just stay on the manufacturer’s site; look up the brand in general and see what other blogs and review sites crop up. Take note of any sleep issues the reviewer mentions to see how their expectations align with yours.

Finally, give it a little time. Mattresses should never be impulse buys, so allow yourself a week or two to figure this out. From there, take a few weeks to settle into your new mattress. Your body may need to adjust, but your patience will pay off the first morning you wake up feeling like a new person.

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