Difference Between Expensive Mattresses & Cheap Mattresses

Difference Between Expensive Mattresses & Cheap Mattresses

You might be greatly surprised to discover that the difference between an expensive mattress and a cheap mattress is not as great as most of us may think. In most cases, you can find some mattress which looks great under a sale of even less than 200 and it is able to offer some good night’s rest. In this article, we will be able to look into various differences between such a mattress and other expensive types available in the market then check what makes people pay more for them.


The most important difference between an expensive mattress and a cheap mattress is the durability of the product. If you find a company which produces and designs mattresses and has their price tags more than $1000, it is a clear indication that they use some high-grade material which makes the mattress last for decades and decades. On the other hand, even the best cheap mattress cannot achieve the standards of the expensive mattress even if they have been built up with some reliable material. The actual craftsmen of the given mattress production will too be another point of difference. An expensive mattress has various benefits based on quality control.


This is the entire subject matter which is all up to you. Though some mattress manufacturers experts claim that mattress thickness is optimal for a good rest or every certain coil count, the mere truth is that one can be comfortable with both types of mattresses. We were all differently created hence one is best off following their own intuitions other than looking at the price tag of the mattress. Natural fibers and some high coil counts are the things that are considered to add some value to a mattress product. However, it does not necessarily mean that you should have them right in your bedroom. Wool and cotton are at least acceptable in comparison to synthetic latex. However, beyond this, you will find some bigger value in the mattress price tag due to the certified organic wool which has been used in place of the regular type.

Various things which do not add value to a mattress

As best mattress.reviews points out, some extra width in a mattress does not make it of higher quality or even make it more comfortable. It should, however, comprise the mattress’s durability in the long run hence avoid the various salespersons who use the size as in their pitch. Likewise, the on-flip design has not been able to show to give any significant benefits for the consumers hence it should not at any time impress you. A polyfoam is too a no-go with respect to the quality of the mattress. It is cheap. However, it is very had to find some cotton mattress place with some low prices as well.

Look Beyond the product for some value

Before using too much cash on some mattress, put other costs supported by the sale into considerations. If you choose a mattress with some big brand-name mattress company, then be ready to pay for their marketing and retail staff department among some more other things. On the other hand, some direct to consumer mattress fabricator does not need to cover very much overhead.

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Things which add value to a mattress

The following are the basic things that are considered to add value to any mattress. They include;  

  • Higher coil count per ant given springs.
  • Made of cotton
  • Wool made
  • Latex. Manly botanical and not synthetic/natural
  • Organic certified add value though you can at times be able to question whether or not the certification is worth the given value. Examples of this include the certified organic wool versus the locally sourced wool or 95% certified organic latex versus all the botanical uncertified latex.
  • Made of some more natural fibers.
  • Flippable versus one-sided, two-sided, a type which unflappable. The two-sided type of mattress normally one than doubles its usable life.
  • The locally-made material which basically creates some type of employment is considered to have more value than those mattresses which are imported or something meant for traveling some longer distances.

Most of the above are just meant for some aesthetic value enhancement and for the marketing techniques. These are mainly added to make you have some more payments on them. Some of these things will take away the value of the poly foams and the extra thickness in real sense hence reducing the durability of the mattress. The long warrants given to some of these mattresses do not necessarily add value to the mattress as life some twenty years warrants end up being five to seven years. Such warrants do not cover the durability, comfort or usable life, it is only the manufacturers who can defect this.

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