Easter Family Tradition

Celebrating Easter with Catholic Central and A Beautiful Picnic Basket

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Easter is one of the holidays that I have enjoyed since I was a little girl.  When we were children we would go shopping for our Easter clothes so we were all prepared for Easter Sunday.  As a child, we would color eggs the week before.  I remember my Dad or Mom poking a small hole at each end of an egg and blowing the contents out into a bowl.  They would do this until they had enough eggs for us to color.  There was me, my brother and sister (both younger).  As we got older we helped blow out the eggs.  I don’t remember ever doing boiled eggs.  Then each year my Mom would display our eggs in a bowl with the fake grass.  She The Easter Bunny always hid our baskets and we would have to find them around the house. Then she would have a large bowl of candy from what was left over.  I also remember my Dad always purchased Easter Lilies for my Mom and both of my Grandma’s (or maybe my Mom helped with that also.)

Celebrating Easter with Catholic Central and A Beautiful Picnic Basket

Easter Sunday 1976

Sometimes we would go fishing on Easter Sunday after dinner.  This was normally the years that we received a new fishing pole or lures. For me, Easter is a time to get together with your family and have a wonderful dinner and time making memories.


Celebrating Easter with Catholic Central and A Beautiful Picnic Basket

I am honestly not sure this was an Easter photo but it is one that I love because it is my Grandpa Ryan that passed away on December 25, 2000.  In the photo with us is my younger brother Steve.  Memories I feel are what the holidays are all about.  We always spent holidays with them.

This year we will be getting together at my parent’s house and only will be missing our youngest daughter, and my niece who is away at this time.  There should be 20 of us this year.

About Catholic Central – Easter

Easter is one of the most celebrated and cherished holidays and we’re super excited to partner with Catholic Central to celebrate this time of new life and transformation.
In the spirit of Easter, we want to know how you celebrate with your families or if you have a special tradition that’s all your own! Do you have an egg toss? Make a certain recipe, or just enjoy the time with loved ones? We’re open to hearing what you love about the holiday.

In the Spirit of Easter enjoy the 6 Tips to Prep for an Epic Easter

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We received this lovely picnic basket and are lucky enough to be able to give one away to one of our readers! If you would like to purchase one and not wait you can go here on Amazon.

Celebrating Easter with Catholic Central and A Beautiful Picnic Basket

Zak has a few words about what he liked about this picnic basket! Sorry for a few minutes of the video it goes sideways. Enjoy

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  • Awww the 70s outfits in the photos sure bring back memories from my Easters growing up too! My mom use to sew my sister and I each a new dress for easter when we were little, usually a long one and then we had matching little sweaters or ponchos if it was chilly. I loved dressing our 5 up too when they were little.

  • I was raised Catholic-went to Mass 6 days a week and confession on Saturdays. I left as an adult to raise my children in a Protestant school and church because of my husband. We returned to the Catholic church 10 years ago and wish I’d raised my children Catholic. Easter has a lot of meaning to me and was at Mass today.

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