Killer Kitchen Hacks

Killer Kitchen Hacks

A kitchen is a sacred place for some people. They love to cook and clean it and are proud of what they produce. Not everyone is as good as the famous chefs you see on TV though, but even they use a few tricks to help them be the best. Here are some examples of kitchen hacks that can help you too.

Keep Your Potatoes White

If you do not want your potatoes to be grey when you serve them, cover them with cold water before cooking. This will stop them from oxidizing, which is what changes their color from white.

Prevent Brown Sugar From Hardening

When you next reach for the brown sugar for your cookie mix, you want it to be soft and easy to handle. Always keep it in an airtight container and throw a slice of orange peel in with it. If you need a quick fix for it, put it in the microwave with a glass of water for a short time, as the moisture will soften your brown sugar.

Use Eggshell To Remove Eggshell

At some point, we have all cracked an egg into a bowl and bits of shell have fallen in. Instead of using your fingers or a spoon to remove it, use another piece of eggshell. It acts a bit like a magnet and will remove the fallen bits of the shell without wasting any of the egg.

Killer Kitchen Hacks

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Cut Brownies Cleanly

It can be frustrating when you bake a batch of brownies for them to break up as you try and cut them into squares or slices. When you are baking them use some parchment paper that you have lightly greased. Make sure it is a bit larger than the baking tin and when you take them out the oven leave them to cool for just a minute or two. Then lift them out of the tin on the parchment paper and you will be able to slice them perfectly.

Stop Slipping

Chopping boards can be a problem when they slip on your work surfaces as you are trying to use them. Place a damp tea towel underneath to stops this from happening. Have you ever wondered why the famous chefs chopping boards and wooden work surfaces always look so good when you have trouble keeping your clean? If you use the right oil for the job, a once a month wipe over will keep them looking as good as new. Oh, and it’s perfectly safe if it comes into contact with any food.

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Save Flipping Time

Most recipes will tell you to preheat your oven, but if you preheat the dish and parchment paper too, you will not have to flip the French fries or veggies halfway through, as they will cook from underneath as well.

Stop Weeping

If you do not want to be in floods of tears in the kitchen, next time you have to peel onions, have a piece of bread in your mouth with some of it on the outside. This will absorb the gases that cause the tears before they reach your eyes. The rest of the family might be in tears of laughter at the sight of you, but at least your eyes will not be stinging.

There are no doubt little tricks you have found yourself in your own kitchen, and perhaps some that have been passed down by previous generations. Any that make it simpler to work in your kitchen will make it a more pleasurable experience too.


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