Easy Move in 5 Steps

Easy move in 5 steps

Moving to a new place is always exciting. No matter how far we plan to go – our excitement might be extinguished by occasional troubles. Without any doubt, this process is a big stress.

It would be cool to get a teleporter that could send us, together with all stuff we plan to take with, for some new location we choose. Of course, we can call for Santa Monica movers from https://www.moveprola.com/santa-monica-movers/ and let them do all this job. This method is pretty affordable and lets us avoid the fuss, caused by packing.

On the other hand – we can do it all by our own following simple tips. this guide was composed by people, whose life consists of annual moves from one city into another.


  1. Plan your time

Time management is one of the most important skills for staying organized. When we move – we should make sure all boxes will be packed by the time the car is there. It is recommended to pack one box and see how much time that takes and then make a conclusion on how that will take for packing all stuff.

  1. Get boxes and duct tape

One big box can hold about twenty kilos of stuff inside. That is about one shelf of your drawer. Check how much boxes you might need and take some extra ones. For instance, if you believe ten boxes are enough – grab three more. If you find something for packing you have missed while calculating (and it will definitely happen) there will be no need for rushing into the store again.

  1. Caution – fragile!

Glasses, dishes, mirrors, aquariums, TVs… These items should be packed separately. This is the most responsible part of the process. Some people prefer adding a lot of paper into the boxes stuffed with fragile items, the others choose foam package. Our advice is getting the last one.

Do not forget to mark such boxes with a pen or, what is much more reliable – special stickers. In the case of damage, this will give you the right to file a claim.

  1. Find carrying company

There exist intrastate carriers and those that deal with long distances. Your destination defines this choice together with the price you will have to pay for their service.

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Easy move in 5 steps

Do not forget that you should read the contract before hiring someone. Make sure they take complete responsibility for your cargo.

  1. Safety above all

There are items that cannot be transported due to the danger they can cause:

  • fire goods;
  • poisons;
  • toxic liquids;
  • animals.

These things should never get into your packages. Carrying companies mostly have their detailed lists of forbidden items. Take them in advance before you start packing – avoid mulcts.

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