Managing A Family Home: Top Tips To Help You Thrive

Managing A Family Home: Top Tips To Help You Thrive

Managing a family home is not easy. There is always something to be considering, and most moms can get a little frazzled when feeling overwhelmed. Whether you have lists upon lists of chores and jobs to do, while still trying to take care of children or head out to work, it can be easy to sink under the workload. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the top tips to help any mom thrive when managing their family home. Whether it’s just the two of you, a family of four or a family of ten, these tips should help.

Create a cleaning schedule

Cleaning is one of the biggest pet hates of many moms. No matter how hard you try, it can often feel like huge task each and every time you take it on. However, there is a solution to this dilemma, and it can help you manage the cleaning activities for your home, rather than feel drowned by them. Creating a cleaning schedule can help you keep on top of the chores in your home. From the things that need to be done daily such as cleaning surfaces or wiping down toilets, to weekly and monthly chores, it will help you keep accountable for what needs doing, and also help you manage it more consistently. It helps to spread the jobs out over the course of a week and a month which means that the tasks themselves shouldn’t feel too demanding on your day, and subsequently should free up more time for you as a mom.

Managing A Family Home: Top Tips To Help You Thrive

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Delegate chores

While on the subject of cleaning and managing your home this shouldn’t be something that is left solely to you, no wonder many moms can feel too overwhelmed by the task at hand. It’s important to delegate some jobs. Children as young as four can be accountable for their own bedrooms or make their beds. Older children can put their clothes away and even take on some of the general chores like vacuuming or dusting the furniture with the only canister vacuum. You can ask your partner to take on some other chores like putting the bins out or doing some of the bigger tasks like cleaning windows or clearing out the gutters. There Is plenty of jobs that can be shared amongst the family and this can really take some of the stress away from you, freeing up time to do other things that will ultimately be helpful towards you family and your home.

Keep on top of the food bill

The food bill is one of those weekly or monthly expenses that we need to have, but we also have complete control over. As a mom, this job can often be down to us, so it’s important to ensure that you manage it right, rather than overspend. After all, every little saved can be put towards other things like vacations or days out. If you find that the food bill is getting a little out of control, then consider writing a list before you head to the shops. Changing the supermarket i which you shop in, or even consider batch cooking or meal planning as an alternative habit. Doing some of these things can really slash the dollars of your food spend, which could then be saved for other things. You could even consider switching some of your well-loved brands to store alternatives, often these can be half the price.

Batch cooking specifically can be a  great way to save money, as often buying ingredients in bulk works out cheaper per meal that you create. There are plenty of guides on websites like for more information.

Managing A Family Home: Top Tips To Help You Thrive

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Have backup plans for when things go wrong

There will be times when the washing machine breaks, the fridge decides to stop working, or even your car breaks down when you have somewhere to be. It’s important to have a pot of savings put away for these eventualities, but understandably this isn’t always the case. This is when you need to have in your mind a backup plan for when you may need emergency funds. A short-term solution offered from websites like could be helpful. 

Other things that could go wrong that it is worth having backup plans for is when your children grow out of their clothes, budgeting for school equipment and vacations, and even having funds set aside for birthdays and Christmas. Often it is a good idea to budget your income accordingly and have various savings pots on weekly house cleaning checklist.

Consider other ways to bring income into the home

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Home office

Many moms would like to provide more income to their homes, but often are either stuck with a fixed paycheck or are at home looking after children. However, there are many success stories from moms who have gone on to earn extra income from home or even started their own businesses from their laptops and social media. There are franchise schemes you can consider where you can sell products online and through social media. There are creative outlets like starting a blog about your passion or even using skills like writing and administration and becoming a virtual assistant. You could even use other methods online like mystery shopping, filling out surveys or completing reviews to earn some extra income. Many people have gone on to boost their income dramatically by utilizing any free time they have. Every little bit helps.

Managing A Family Home: Top Tips To Help You Thrive

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Manage your finances consistently

Finally, it’s important to consistently manage your finances every few months. A good idea is to get a bank statement and go over each transaction. This can highlight areas where perhaps you waste money or even find rogue direct debts of services you thought you had canceled. You wouldn’t believe how many gym memberships are still being paid for. You can also look at other deals with different providers for things like insurances or energy. Often switching over to different rates can provide great savings on a monthly basis.

I hope these tips help you manage your family home more efficiently.



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