How to Embrace Your Garden this Autumn

How to Embrace Your Garden this Autumn

Autumn provides homeowners with the perfect opportunity to tidy their garden before the cold weather strikes. It is the time of year when you must focus your time and attention on performing many small, simple tasks that can transform the look of your garden come spring and summer.

It is worthwhile making a little effort now to enjoy a healthier, happier garden next year. Find out how to embrace your garden this autumn.

Tidy Up Your Borders

Walk around your garden and remove any collapsed stems or dying leaves, which can tidy your borders. You also should pull up unwanted weeds and then apply either well-rotted manure or compost over the soil, which will provide the plants with insulation during the colder months.

Rake Old Leaves

It’s essential to rake up any fallen leaves from your lawn before the cold season strikes, which can avoid them causing damage to your grass. You also should remove leaves from your patio, as they can become slippery during damp weather conditions.

Mow Your Lawn for the Final Time

Autumn will provide one last opportunity to mow your lawn before winter, which will ensure you enjoy neatly cut grass until spring arrives. You also should set your lawn mower blades a little higher, so the grass will be a little longer throughout winter. Once you have done so, use either a knife or edging tool to trim the lawn borders to enjoy pristine lines in your garden.

Build a Pond

Autumn is the best season to build a new pond. That’s because the ground will be a little wet, which can make digging much easier in comparison to summer and spring. So, if you want to enjoy an attractive pond with a waterfall or fountain all year long, you should buy high-quality water feature pumps, which will make you want to spend more time in your garden this autumn and winter.

Make Essential Repairs

There is no better time to make essential garden repairs than in autumn. For example, you should make time to replace any rotting fence posts, so they will not be blown down or destroyed during a winter storm.

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You also should apply a wood paint preservative onto your sheds, raised beds, and compost bins, which will ensure they survive the cold, wet weather. Also, review your shed roofing to make sure there are no leaks, and replace any faulty or broken glass panes in a greenhouse.

Clean Your Bird Feeders and Nest Boxes

If you have either feeders or nest boxes in your garden, take them down to remove any unfertilized eggs, old nesting material, or other debris, as they might carry diseases. You should then wash them with hot water before placing them back in the same spot, which will provide wildlife with a healthier environment.

Plant Seasonal Shrubs

Many expert gardeners will choose to plant berrying shrubs and trees this autumn, such as viburnum opulus, asters, and anemones. Cyclamen hederifolium is also a beautiful addition to a garden throughout winter, as the plants will thrive in both the shade and sun.

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