Do These Things to Get the Best Sleep

Do these things to get the best sleep

Lack of adequate sleep can leave you feeling lethargic the following morning. Sleep deprivation is often accompanied by dark circles around your eyes, poor concentration, and a short attention span. People who are sleep deprived contribute to road accident incidents –, especially during long-distance travels.

You can identify someone who has not slept well by how much they yawn and their body posture – which tends to be slumped. They also take more than the usual dose of caffeine per day.

Most of the time we avoid such people because they are moody and irritable. But, you do not need to suffer alone. We are going to give you some amazing tips that when followed will ensure that you get the best sleep possible.

Create a sleep pattern

If you want to get the best sleep possible, it is important that you create a sleep schedule. This is the time that you go to bed each day. The time should be based on your own unique factors like the time you leave work, household chores or when you are required to show up at work. To make the sleep pattern effective you have to follow it religiously and consistently. This should extend to weekends. When you are consistent, you train your biological clock to switch off because it is bedtime.

Do these things to get the best sleep


If you go to bed stressed then you are going to have a hard time getting sleep. Practice meditation before going to bed as this helps you unwind the day’s events. As you forget all the day’s stressors, it is easier for your brain to relax and this will give you a peaceful sleep. You can also take a warm glass of milk, read a book or take a warm, herbal shower filled. Some may listen to some soothing music and this helps in the transition from wakefulness to sleepiness. Avoid chatting with friends on various social media platforms as this will only make your social anxiety worse. The blue light produced by phones is known to cause sleep problems. Switch off your phone when going to sleep to avoid interruptions from phone notifications.

Do these things to get the best sleep

Engage in some form of Exercise

It has been shown that engaging is some form of exercise helps you sleep better. Exercise is responsible for the release of endorphins which help alleviate your moods. It also keeps depression at bay. Exercise is, however, relegated to the day and not before you sleep. The later can cause you to feel more tired because your body’s temperature is increased. A scientist at the Department of Neurology and physiology at a Northwestern University have concluded based on research that people involved in some form of aerobic exercise four times a day had better sleep patterns.

Do these things to get the best sleep

Avoid Smoking and drinking

Many people have the preconceived idea that taking a shot of whiskey before bedtime causes one to fall asleep faster. While it is true you will fall asleep it alcohol denies your deep sleep. Your breathing is often suppressed when you take a lot of alcohol, and this means you do not reach REM sleep that is necessary to feel relaxed. It is also believed that non-smokers are four times able to reach a deep state than smokers. This can be attributed to the effects of nicotine in the body. You tend to feel the pangs of withdrawal symptoms at night and this can affect your sleep. You should also try to get of benzo treatment because the withdrawal symptoms like nicotine lead to pangs at night.

Bedroom lights

It is crucial that you’re there no lights that are coming into the bedroom at night. Your room should be pitch dark and have a normal temperature so that you can fall asleep easily. Switch off your phone because the flashing light that turns on when notifications come in can interfere with your sleep. Invest in good curtains that can block out any lights and ensure the TV has been plugged off. You also need to sleep on clean sheets; wash them regularly. It is also vital that you decide that your bedroom is for sleeping only; eliminate distractions like phones, TV, radios or refrigerators.

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Do these things to get the best sleep

Eating Large meals

You should avoid consuming heavy meals before bedtime. The rule is to consume a substantial breakfast – cause you need the energy to carry you through the day but when it comes to supper consume a light meal. Your stomach can interfere with your sleep because it is working overtime to digest the large amounts of food that you have consumed. You may also suffer from heartburn and indigestion if you take heavy meals. Avoiding carrying a large bag of crisps to your bed; choose instead a smoothie made from fruits and vegetables.

Sleep the right way

It is important that you identify a sleeping pose that will not cause you any back problems. Some people sleep on their sides, others on their stomachs while some on their backs. Have a pillow strategically placed behind your head to prevent neck problems. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst type of sleeping because it puts pressure on your joints and muscles; your spine is also not played neutrally. Most people – especially the married ones – prefer slide sleeping. You can include a pillow to make your sleep comfortable. Sleep experts recommend that you sleep solo. Get a separate room for your kids and pets. As you are aware pets and kids are not the most silent of sleepers. If you have a partner and they snore, try getting them medical help or try earplugs to lock out the noise.


It is vital that you get adequate sleep so that you can be productive the following day. Creating a sleep schedule is the first way to help you sleep better. As your body becomes accustomed to the pattern, you can sleep better. Avoid any distractions like phones that can interrupt your sleep. Block any lights that could be coming into your room and avoid overeating during suppertime. Find a sleeping position that suits you and use a pillow for maximum comfort.

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